Don’t Kill My Vibe

On Saturday I was able to cross something off of my bucket list. I went to the Yeezus Tour. Even better – Seattle was the first stop! I actually got to see something first and not see it all over the blogosphere before it was my turn. When I did see it online I got all excited and inside I was giggling and happy and like “I was there!!!!”. Kendrick Lamar was the opening act and the muse behind what I wore.

What did I wear? I showed you my sweatshirt in this post, my trusty jeggings from American Eagle (they have the perfect Short length for my height and are on sale) and Converse. I think you should always be comfortable at concerts. We waited over 2 hours outside in the cold. If I’d carried my scarf (that I put back) I would’ve been a little warmer but I’m happy I chose the Converse since we were standing for so long. You never know what’ll happen at a concert so it’s best to be comfortable. And I’m wearing Riri Woo on my lips :).

I managed to get two quick selfies and my husband took an awful pic of my whole outfit but at least you can see it.

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