Queen of Hearts

I spent this week trying to put together my costume for a party this weekend called “Alice in Horrorland”. [It’s also why I wasn’t able to do a Friday Roundup, Sorry!!] I’d bought a costume once and I also don’t like how they tend to fit and itch so much, so I decided I was going to create my own. Based on the characters, this seemed like the easiest one for me to do. I was also fussy that I managed to get my makeup to look like this. I had to use my phone to snap a pic quickly since we were running late and no time to set up the camera and take good pictures. I did all of the hearts and applied everything to the plain black skirt and my plain top. I bought the socks with the hearts on. I also had a scepter :).

Queen of Hearts

I plan to do something else on Thursday, don’t know what but I have kitten ears :).

Hope you had a good weekend! I’m off to dinner with friends.


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