Bumping Along

I know I’ve been absent for a while and I’ve explained why here.

Are you all caught up now? Good. I hope I didn’t have you re-reading my old posts for too long. I want to thank those of you who kept checking as I’ve managed to maintain page views like I was still writing, when I haven’t since May.

Maternity fashion is something that has always peaked my interest because it is a clash of dressing for you how feel physically/ being comfortable and still trying to be somewhat stylish and not look like your world has come to an end.


I haven’t been wearing makeup as often, but I still keep buying it… I’ve been focusing more on skincare as I’m aware things aren’t quite business as usual and I’ve had enough evenings of just crashing on the bed for hours and I knew it was best to not have to remove anything just my drawn-in eyebrows.

Getting Dressed

I’ve been embracing my new curves and I’ve found this can be fun and frustrating at the same time. I’ve been using the rubber-band method to hold my jeans up with my growing tummy but it doesn’t work for every pair of jeans. Some are too stiff and I need to remove the rubber-band while driving and hope I remember to put it back on once I’ve parked and gotten out of the car. (Pregnancy brain has been very real for me and is a constant source of laughter for my husband.) Skirts aren’t an option and I’ve just been buying looser dresses or going up a size here and there. I also throw on body-con dresses with a sweater now as they’re very comfortable to me. Leggings are definitely becoming my friend now that temps have dropped a little. As far as shoes go, I’ve been connected at the hip with anything flat. I went to a wedding at the beginning of September and when I put on my dress with heels, I had a sharp pain from my stomach down my leg, so I haven’t touched a wedge or heel since then.

I hope to get to posting outfits as I go along because I’ve been finding some really cute sweater dresses and sweaters that I can’t wait to wear. I also purchased some tops that I can wear to my ultrasound and be comfortable and a pair of super soft jeggings from Madewell that feel like clouds.

This look is when I’ve felt most comfortable. It’s the only one I’ve shared on Instagram.

Bumping Along

Dress: H&M// Shoes: Converse// Cardigan: Forever21

I got this dress from H&M a few years ago and I have a few others from Forever21 that are basically the same but solid colours. They’re sleeveless and just pure comfort to wear. I’ve been wearing them now more that I’m pregnant than I have been for the last couple of months before I was.

As I said, I hope to share more looks and my progress :).


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