Fall with Vince Camuto

I posted this photo on Instagram this week and realized I should’ve done a post on them.

There’s nothing like getting designer pieces at a reduced prices. 

Fall with VInce Camuto

I first came across Vince Camuto when I was looking for some black booties. I got my pair in Nordstrom two years ago. Earlier this year I purchased a handbag from them that was my Spring/Summer go-to handbag and I received tons of compliments on it. While I was on vacation in Norway, one of the gold pieces on the edge of the drawstring came off and I contacted them via the website about it and since nothing could be done, they gave me $100 credit. I decided to use it towards something from their Fall collection.

First I saw the Alisa Crossbody but their website didn’t carry the same colors as Nordstrom’s. I really wanted the Berry color but I wanted to use my credit as well. I didn’t want to purchase it on their website and not be totally happy with my purchase, so I sat it out. Then one night while we were out, my husband and I saw this lady that was wearing a very cute outfit and some ankle boots. I told him, I want boots like those, he said they looked good and I should try to find some. Back I went to Vince Camuto’s website and found the Gregger. They’re not exactly what the lady was wearing but they were close enough. I decided to get them using the credit. So I only paid $49 :).

Fall with Vince Camuto

I always checked in on the Alisa bag and yesterday I saw it was on sale at Nordstrom – 33% OFF! Hell yeah I purchased it! Now I have both items and I saved $165! I love that the color of this bag is perfect for Fall and not too bright. It’s also perfect for the whole year, where as my Tory Burch crossbody is more of a Spring/Summer bag. I also love that it’s Saffiano leather. My Coach travel bag is made of Saffiano Leather and my Kate Spade wallet and they are very easy to clean, even though they don’t really get dirty.

Sorry for the lighting, the sun wasn't out today.

Sorry for the lighting, the sun wasn’t out today.

Never be afraid to contact a retailer on issues with your purchase. I’ve also learned recently how important it is to hold on to receipts (for at least a year and a half) for items you love and were a bit pricey. I was able to receive a $50 credit for a bangle I bought from Kate Spade last year that has a faulty magnet. It had cost more but I couldn’t find the receipt and their records had been cleared so that was the amount that I had to get as bangle couldn’t be fixed either.

I’m feeling good about my Fall wardrobe and my new haircut so I’m definitely going to have some fun when I have to dress up!


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