No-Buy Ban

I’m officially placing myself on a “no buy” ban. Simply put – I’m not allowed to buy anything for the next one/two weeks at least… this is going to be very hard. This week alone, I got the following goodies:

MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork - Photo taken from

MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork
Photo taken from

M.A.C. Fix+ in Travel size - Photo also taken from

M.A.C. Fix+ in Travel size
Photo taken from

As I was purchasing my paint pot, I saw that MAC is now selling travel size bottles of some of their products. It’s a new thing so there aren’t many but I hope they decide to get travel size packaging for more of their products. I’m always on the hunt for travel size items.

Kate Spade Mikas Pond Stacy wallet in Flo Coral Photo taken from

Kate Spade Mikas Pond Stacy wallet in Flo Coral
Photo taken from

I got an email from the Kate Spade shop in the mall by me letting me know of the 20% off sale in advance. I asked them to put this wallet aside for me. I was eyeing this one in Dusty Mint but I like to just open my bag and see my wallet and not have to search for it. This is brighter than it seems, almost neon coral. Love it!

Kelsi Dagger Andrej Leather Tote Bag – Hautelook
Photo taken from

LOVE this bag! It is huge and I think it’ll become my new travel bag even though it isn’t very secure. It’s deep but it has one single magnet to the top.

Boma rings from Sterling Silver

I went in search of first knuckle rings but none were in my size so I just bought these two as I thought they were really cute and dainty.

And now my most exciting piece of all! I neeever expected to get this because the website seemed to have too much traffic and I thought I’d never get anything. I experienced something similar when I was trying to buy Nicki Minaj’s first lipstick from MAC, it never happened. You have to stalk the websites and set up accounts in advance. When Rihanna launched her collection for River Island, I sat refreshing the page the night before… The next day, I got up and I kept refreshing again until it came up. I wanted the navy skirt originally but I think it was fate that I got the grey. I already have a navy maxi skirt that I love so there was no sense in having two. Plus I love that this grey can be dressed up or down. But I only got it because after adding the navy to my cart and not being able to check out, I gave it one last shot with whatever skirt was to the top of the page to see how far I’d get. I almost dropped my laptop when I was done. Like how musicians drop the mic. I felt gooooood! Maybe I should wear it to her concert in April! Ohhhhh… I’m sooo fussy!

Grey Rihanna thigh split sweat maxi skirtPhoto from

Grey Rihanna thigh split sweat maxi skirt
Photo from

This isn’t the full loot from the last two weeks but it’s enough to make me close every email offer and update from websites that I shop on and take a break. Although I just found a mustache ring from Boma while I was looking for the “hope” ring on their website… I won’t buy it -now.

I have decided that instead of spending time researching (that’s what I tell my husband, that I’m not window shopping online or even shopping, I’m researching), I’m going to start sorting my spring wardrobe and getting rid of alllllllll the stuff I know I won’t be wearing anymore. It’s that time of year to de-clutter and maybe now is the time to distract myself from the self imposed ban. I’m hoping my husband doesn’t read this post even though he’s seen all the items lol. I won’t pass up an amazing deal though…

Hope you have a great weekend!


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