Fall on me

I think this post is going to be interesting. First of all I’m talking about what I’m looking forward to in Fall. As an island girl… I feel weird making this statement lol. It’s like saying I’m looking forward to the cold. But I’m not. And I am. *sigh*. Also I’ve got some stuff listed that are totally out of my box. On to it!

Berry tones 

Plum. Ox blood. Navy. Fall is the perfect time for these colours and I have to say they are perfect for dark skin tones. Pencil skirts, body-con dresses, trousers, leggings, shoes, handbags… I could list more but I think you get the point. I’m looking forward to using these colors for inspiration and obtaining a few classic pieces in them.

Darker Make-up

Namely eyeshadows and lipsticks. Since trying that eyeshadow by Burberry, I’m definitely willing to give the darker eyeshadows a try during Fall. I’m also going to experiment with darker lip glosses and lipsticks – keeping the lip glosses for during the day and the matte, rich colours for night, like Heaux from the Rihanna ♥ MAC collection.

Heaux by RIhanna for MAC - Photo taken from MAC

Heaux by RIhanna for MAC – available again this fall, click on picture to go to website.

(Minus the) Leather

I’ve collected a few pieces that I’m gearing up to wear for Fall. As I search for the perfect pair of faux leather leggings, I have some skirts that should do until I get them. This trend is really growing on me. It’s timeless and who doesn’t feel sexy in (faux) leather? I purchased the top below from Express and what I really like about it is it’s knit back. I love when there is a mixture of texture/fabrics on an item of clothing. Click on picture to go to the website if you’re interested in it ;).

Express Seamed (Minus the ) leather front tank

Express Seamed (Minus the ) leather front tank


I’m now getting into these. Please excuse my tardiness, I’m still finding my Fall/Winter fashion. After all this is my 5th Fall and I think I’m getting there with what I like/don’t like. I realized that I overwear leggings during the Fall/Winter season. Over. wear. I have two pullovers that I don’t wear often but I’m realizing how warm they keep you. I’ve found 3 so far, and although they’re all grey, I know I can wear them with my black and printed leggings. They’re perfect for those days I’m running errands and want to be comfortable.

Pullovers Left to right: Marshall's, Marshall's, Old Navy

Pullovers Left to right: Marshall’s, Marshall’s, Old Navy


I’m going to be honest and say if I didn’t find this hat at H&M I wouldn’t have this on the list. When I saw it, I immediately thought of my mother and grandmother. I heard both of them in my head saying they had one years ago when they were in England (my mother was born and raised there). It fit perfectly and I was just so happy to find a black wool hat that fit me and didn’t look odd. Those wide brim black hats are not for me…

Hat from H&M

Hat from H&M


Yes, you read that right. As you already know I’m growing out my locks. I may give the back one more cut to make the front more dramatic but after that, I’ll be leaving it until Spring and just letting the length grow out. It’ll be interesting to see how the process goes and the length. I’ve been considering taking the blonde colour darker – in a berry tone 😉 – but I’m still on the fence with that. I’ll probably just leave it. I still struggle with days of wanting to cut it all off again, but luckily for me I have a hairdresser who says it’s gotten so long she doesn’t want to cut it >_>.

This island girl is on her way to getting it right. It’s a fun journey and I’m enjoying the learning experience. Bring it on Fall!!


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