This was one busy week! Even though I have bought some new items, I didn’t have enough time to post any of it. I’m going to do a post/video with swatches and all next week. However, in all of the madness that happened this week, I officially joined the website Nusplash as their Lifestyle Blogger and I will be posting on everything – beauty, fitness, life, inspiration and fashion. It is a young website and I’m very happy for the opportunity to post my work there every week. Go check it out! My first post will be up on Monday.

I’m not replacing this blog and my other one for it, I’ve just added something else for you to read 🙂 . Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see when new posts come up on all three.

Oh I finally posted a new hair shot yesterday. I realized I hadn’t done one in a long time. It’s shorter now and I’m thinking to do a little dye experiment… in hopes that I don’t pay an arm and a leg for my hairdresser to fix it 😐 . I just tried curling the front back instead of down to the side. It came out ok I guess.


I have to run off to fix up myself before dinner. But have a great weekend and GO HAWKS!! #Beastmode #12thfan #12thman 😀