It’s All In the Tray

I was given this tray by my good friend. A simple tray that she had two of and gave it to me after I asked where she got it from. She’s so sweet!

Anyway, this tray has been a source of inspiration all week. I’m using it for my make-up and I’ve put my current favorites on it as well as products I want to use for easy access in the morning. I’ve got some products there that I will list in my August Favorites and some that will never move despite any new products that may be added. I’ve been experimenting with a fresh faced, minimal look (pic below) and it’s been fun adding and taking away products, and trying different products on the tray that I’ve been wanting to but haven’t been. Before I just had all the products scattered in make-up drawers or on my chest of drawers and would pull anything I wanted to wear, but this makes it so much easier.

It's all in the trayProducts shown above:

It's all in the trayxx


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