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I’ve been recovering from a respiratory infection for a bit. Some days are good, some days aren’t. Yesterday wasn’t the best as I didn’t have a good night’s rest due to my sister-in-law leaving early in the morning. So I went off to Nordstrom to get some stuff for my apartment and then I went to the cosmetics department as I wanted to try their lipglosses. Yes Nordstrom has it’s own make-up line and I’m very excited to try the items I bought. Anyway, as I was looking for a nail polish (by Nordstrom, which was right next to the Burberry counter) I was approached by a MUA from the Burberry counter and she asked if she could apply some make-up to my face if I had the time. For a second, I said to myself “oh no… she wants to sell me on something” but I was also thinking I wouldn’t mind trying something new from Burberry.

I let her do whatever she wanted. If I left there looking like a clown well… Well I wouldn’t exactly let it happen but I just let her use whatever colours and products she wanted to use. Burberry products weren’t the only ones used on my face but I was given a list of those only so I can only list them and the lip treatment she used that was from another brand.  The Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base in No. 2 Golden Radiance was first applied and then Shiseido ‘Benefiance’ Full  Correction Lip Treatment was put on my lips while she applied the Sheer Luminous Fluid foundation in No. 12 Trench and then used some Sheer Luminous Compact Foundation in Trench No. 12 to take away some of the glow outside of my T-zone.

Next were my eyes. I have to be very honest here. When I saw the colours in he palette, I literally thought “wtf”. But then, I said just let her do her thing you never know what may work. No primer was applied to my lids and I feel like my eye color would’ve popped a little more and lasted longer if one was applied because my lids get very oily. Anyway, the ‘Summer Splash’ Eyeshadow Palette in No.2 Hot Tropic  was used and the dark purple colour was used as the base for my lids, the frosty brown was dusted over it and in the crease and then the blue was used as an eyeliner. The blue as an eyeliner is what made me purchase this palette. It’s sooo pretty!

But that wasn’t all. After wiping off the excess lip treatment she used the ‘Lip Cover’ Soft Satin Lipstick in No.31 Mocha Glow and applied Vintage Gold lip gloss over it. I’m not used to wearing brown tones on my lips so this took a bit of getting used to until I ate lunch. Finally, she lightly dusted some ‘Light Glow’ Natural Blush in Coral Pink on my cheeks.

Burberry ‘Summer Splash’ Eyeshadow Palette (Limited Edition)

Burberry ‘Summer Splash’ Eyeshadow Palette (Limited Edition)

I tried to get pictures of my make-up in several light settings.

Burberry My FaceAs I said, I got some other things from Nordstrom’s Beauty line as well. I picked up:

Burberry My FaceAnd that was my Thursday 🙂



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