Friday Roundup 05.02.14

It’s the weekend! This week/last weekend, I took advantage of two sales and got a few supplies for an upcoming trip. Shall we begin?

Madewell The Teddy Loafer in Calf Hair ~ I was eyeing these shoes before but I definitely wasn’t ready to spend $148 on them. They were then reduced to $69.99, and I contemplated but never took action. I got an email last week saying there’s a further 20% off of sale items and some are up to 40% off. I just jumped in one time. In the end, I paid $41.99 + tax for them. Basically got $100 off, but I couldn’t return or exchange themas they’re a final sale. Seeing I’d never bought their shoes before I decided to go for the size 7.5 as I could easily use inserts but stretching a 7 would be too much work. They are a little hard and obviously need breaking in but They are so cute on! Can’t wait to wear them! They’re still on sale but for $69.99.

Friday Roundup 05.02.14

Close up

Close up

Sephora Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Pink Peony ~ I know I said last time I was going to get Watermelon, and I almost did. When I went to Sephora, they didn’t have it. They were out of all of the butter lipsticks and I received a free shipping coupon to get it online. I tested Pink Peony while in store and I decided to get this instead as it wasn’t as bright as Watermelon.

Friday Roundup 05.02.14Tory Burch Robinson Printed Smartphone Wristlet & Printed Cosmetic Case ~ Friday to Monday was the Friends & Fans Event and you received 25% off your purchase in-store and online. I shared that tid-bit on my Instagram. I didn’t have time to get to the store so I ordered these two online. I absolutely love this print! Seeing that it is busy though, I opted for the two options that allowed me to let them stand on their own without being overpowering when I use them. The wristlet is $125 but I got it for $93.75 and the cosmetic bag is $68 and was reduced to $51. I know I have quite a few cosmetic bags but I’ve been using them to maintain order in my handbags. I also don’t have to move them from bag to bag since I have one for most of the bags that I use regularly. I think I’ll use this one for my Mini Pippa bag since it’s Spring and switch to the other one I got for it when it’s coming on to Fall. If you want a wallpaper in this print, you can get it here and find other wallpapers here.

Friday Roundup 05.02.14

Target Sonia Kashuk Beauty Organizer ~ While I was in Target doing some home shopping, I saw this Sonia Kashuk beauty organizer. At first I was thinking I don’t need it then I decided to get it because I have two trips coming up and I will be using my carry-on for one of them – my carry-on that doesn’t expand… Most of my travel cosmetic bags are thick, so I thought this would allow me more space as it is wider but flatter.It also has two detachable pouches in it. It’s so bag I may be able to get my toiletries and makeup in it and not have to pack a separate makeup bag. But I do… because.. it’s makeup…..

Sonia Kashuk Bag

Papyrus Kate Spade Notepad & Notebook Set ~ I went to Kate Spade to see if they had any stationery, because they tend to have cute stationery, but they didn’t have anything. They suggested I go to Papyrus (a card store) as they had some of their stuff in there and I was able to pick up these notepads. I keep searching for small, handbag worthy notebooks/notepads because my mind goes 1000miles/sec sometimes and I don’t always remember what I need/want to. I also wanted them for travel because I like to jot down notes instead of putting them in my phone because I remember better from muscle memory. I almost always have a pen in my bag but not a decent sized notebook. Now I have two :).

Friday Roundup 05.02.14Hope you have a great weekend!



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