Mini Pippa

I’ve fallen in love again! The handbag lover I’m talking about this time is the Mini Pippa from Kate Spade New York.

I went in last week to see if they had an iPad mini cover in store that I can see it before I ordered it online. I bought one from them online before and it didn’t work out so I wanted to see this one since it was different. However, I was totally sidetracked by a bag I saw in the display window when I got to the store, and when I asked about it, the iPad case became irrelevant. The bag I saw was too big but I wanted to know if they had something similar but smaller. The options displayed around the store weren’t what I had in mind so then on of the sales ladies said they just got a shipment and she’ll go in the back and check for me. That’s when she brought out Mini Pippa. But in white and cream and black and cream. I didn’t want these colours. I wanted something bright that screamed Summer and had colour that wasn’t neutral. Then she said: “Oh! We have it in red!?” When she pulled the red out of all the paper and plastic it was like the heavens opened up for me! I was told I’m probably the first person to purchase one since they weren’t available online yet and they weren’t out on the floor yet. They should be by this weekend.


  • I do not own any red bags.
  • I do not own any Kate Spade bags. This sexy beast is my first!
  • This bag has a lot of space for it’s small size.
  • It’s the perfect travel companion – a crossbody during the day or top handle for evenings
  • The leather is very soft and I’m sure it’ll be very easy to clean.
  • It’s perfect for a small frame and even at it’s bulkiest, it doesn’t expand and become uncomfortable.

I introduce to you, the Mini Pippa.

Mini Pippa


Bottom view


Mini Pippa


Mini Pippa

My mini iPad with room to spare.

Mini Pippa

Striped lining

Mini Pippa

Gold hardware

Mini Pippa

Minus the strap

"She tucked her coral lipstick away and floated back to the party." Dustbag

“She tucked her coral lipstick away and floated back to the party.”

I was originally going to get the Coach ‘Bleeker – Mni Riley’ Leather Crossbody in Grey Birch but that was no longer an option once I saw this. Are you going to get one?! Let me know if you think I should do a haul of my designer handbags (I have too many to do a haul on all).



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