Kitty Patrol

I may have had a costume on Saturday for a party but that didn’t stop me from doing something today. I’d bought these ears when I was putting together my Queen of Hearts costume to wear today – Halloween Day. I decided to just wear all black today and be comfortable while I ran a few errands after taking my husband to work. I bought the tail today just for fun and put it on half way through the trick or treaters coming. It was my first time giving out candy to Trick or Treaters and I may have bought too much so I’m going to send my husband to work with all of the candy so that I don’t overdose on it :P. I threw on my scarf that I got from Nordstrom Rack just to add to the catty look. I didn’t draw on my nose and and whiskers until this evening either. The chucks? I prefer comfort sometimes over style :).

Kitty Patrol

Kitty Patrol

Kitty Patrol

Kitty Patrol

I have been trying so hard to stop myself with the candy. It’s been hard, but I didn’t do too much damage.

Happy Halloween! Hope you don’t go into a sugar coma :P.


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