Wax On, Wax… Errr

I thought I’d share this little beauty experience with you from yesterday.

In the Winter, I tend to become at least two shades lighter. I’ve tried taking pictures before for lipstick swatches and noticed a light ‘stache photobombing me especially in the Winter. So I decided to wax it yesterday before I did my eyebrows.

Before I go any further, let me tell you that I’m very familiar with waxing. I’ve been doing my eyebrows for over 6 years, I’ve been wax models for my sister and my friend Bao and I have a regular esthetician. BUT, when considering waxing a part of your body that’s never been waxed before, GO TO A PROFESSIONAL. Why? If it hurts, you won’t want to finish the job. And you don’t want to walk around with a half-assed job.

Luckily for me, with the bit of waxing knowledge I have, I managed to wax my ‘stache…


After, my lip was red after and I thought I looked like Paul Maloof. LOL!

paul maloof

Yea, I couldn’t take a photo of that! I had to go over it three times as well! I didn’t get the direction right sometimes but, let me say, because I didn’t want to embarrass myself I stuck through the pain and finished the waxing. It HURT! But don’t get me wrong, I’ll be doing it again. I’m a sucker for waxing pain. I love not having to do any maintenance for a few weeks for a 1/2 hour of pain.

While it turned out well, my eyebrows took a little hit as I was talking to my sister about my mustache wax while doing them. I’m very thankful that I know how to fill them in.

So kids, there are several things to this story:

  1. If you are waxing for the first time, get a professional to do it. And not one with bad eyebrows or a mustache.
  2. You’re paying for it, so stick through the pain and don’t leave with a half done job. Believe me, the outcome outweighs the pain you go through.
  3. Do not wax at home unless it’s somewhere that isn’t visible or that you can’t cover up properly, if you aren’t experienced.

I had a laugh about this with my sister on the phone which is why I messed up my eyebrows but I can laugh at myself and mistakes. I’ve had a botched eyebrow job before as a wax model. I was laughing hysterically while the person almost cried.

Life is too short to not laugh at yourself.



Queen of Hearts

I spent this week trying to put together my costume for a party this weekend called “Alice in Horrorland”. [It’s also why I wasn’t able to do a Friday Roundup, Sorry!!] I’d bought a costume once and I also don’t like how they tend to fit and itch so much, so I decided I was going to create my own. Based on the characters, this seemed like the easiest one for me to do. I was also fussy that I managed to get my makeup to look like this. I had to use my phone to snap a pic quickly since we were running late and no time to set up the camera and take good pictures. I did all of the hearts and applied everything to the plain black skirt and my plain top. I bought the socks with the hearts on. I also had a scepter :).

Queen of Hearts

I plan to do something else on Thursday, don’t know what but I have kitten ears :).

Hope you had a good weekend! I’m off to dinner with friends.