September through Instagram

If you’re a regular reader you would’ve realized that September has been quiet for me. As much as I’ve put in some shopping, it was more therapeutic than for fun. I do not have any favorites to report for the month as I have hardly worn any make-up and when I did, it was something I’ve mentioned before – nothing new. I bought my first pair of Louboutins and they didn’t fit so I returned them and I’m toying with getting another pair but this time for sure I’ll be going into the store to try them. I decided to just put together a few of my pics from Instagram for you since I’ve been posting there more than anywhere else. Even the month of September on there looks scanty but I posted my goodies that I bought on there.

My fashion hauls have nothing on my beauty hauls but I’m hoping to do something better to show you those. I think I’m going to make this a monthly thing. Hopefully I can add a lot more for October.

Btw, that hat at the top does have ears ;). And if my husband looks weird in the top left, he was trying to open his eyes wide. Love him!


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