Sweaters with Character

First of all, let me apologize for my lack of posts. I’ve been dealing with some personal stuff that has caused me to have a mental block when it comes to blogging. The shopping didn’t stop though! This is going to be my fifth Winter season here in Seattle and I’m learning and changing things up every year. This year, I have a slight obsession with sweaters that have either critters or sayings but definitely aren’t solid colors.

The top row of sweaters are what I’ve bought so far, and the bottom row are just a few I threw in that I thought were cute. You can click on the picture and it will show you where each one is from. I have to be very picky in choosing sweaters as I itch terribly from certain materials, so I can’t wear that fun penguin or monster face sweater there in the bottom row :(. I have a few more sweaters coming and a few that I just can’t let go of that will be around again for this Winter.

Styling sweaters like these are interesting so I’ll be having some fun with that. But I also know that if all else fails, jeans/leggings/skirt & tights are always there to help.

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