Online Shopping: Returns & Exchanges


I recently went on an online shopping spree (I plan on doing a haul so don’t worry ;)) but as online shopping goes, some things are keepers and some aren’t.

What’s more important is to be fully aware of the return process. Some companies are all about keeping you as a customer and are pretty flexible in the way they handle returns. Others don’t want to let go of your money and basically screw you over if you ever had hopes of getting money back.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before making online purchases and not necessarily in this order:

  • Who pays for the return – is it free or do I have to cover costs?
  • What is the return policy – do I get store credit or a refund?
  • How long do I have to return the product? Can I even return it or is it a final sale?
  • Why am I returning it? And is it worth the hassle if there is one? Should I just try to sell it on my own?
  • If I get store credit, how long do I have it for?
  • Can I exchange it? Do they exchange or do I have to return and re-purchase in the size I want?

I would never have thought to bring you a post like this but I’m quite annoyed that I didn’t research the return policy on this website I ordered from for the first time. For what the product was and how much it cost, I should’ve thoroughly researched it and the return policy prior to purchasing. Now I’m stuck with it, as I do not wish to have store credit from them as there is nothing else on the website that I want. I didn’t think I’d be returning it but I’ll be putting it up for sale on Poshmark over the weekend. I’ll also be adding more stuff so in the mean time, you can sign up for an account and look out for some items from me (@symonef).


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