August Favorites

I was so ready to do a video on this for you but I picked up another cold over Labor Day weekend and that was NOT going to be good for you to listen to! It’s also the reason why this post is a little late. I think this post should come no later than the 5th of the next month and here I am…

Anyway, on to it?

August FavoritesProducts shown above:

  1. Tarte Cosmetics Picture Perfect eyelash curler & deluxe lights, camera, lashes mascara
  2. Sigma Beauty Extended wear eyeliner in Boost
  3. Benefit Cosmetics Fine-One-One
  4. Burberry ‘Summer Splash’ Eyeshadow palette in Hot Tropic

Every one of the products listed were in my last post. Some I finally tried and have been loving. Here are my thoughts:

1. I have been using this tiny mascara so much that I went and bought the full size. The mascara and the eyelash curler have made my lashes look just how I want them to look – dramatic yet subtle. I’ve made sure I carved out time in getting ready to curl my lashes and add mascara because I love the look so much. If I’m not doing anything special with my lids (like using two different colors, I put on my old faithful – MAC eyeshadow in Soba, and if I’m not keen on using a liquid eyeliner I use the Sigma eyeliner, and curl and mascara and I’m done with my eyes. Even if I move on to other mascaras, I’ll hold on to the curler for a while. It also came with a replacement pad and it’s in purple!

2. I bought 3 of the Sigma Extended Wear eyeliners – Boost, Electrify and Balance. Electrify isn’t as rich as I was hoping it would be. If it was as pigmented as Boost, it would definitely be on this list. Balance is like a back up brown eyeliner. It’s not as rich as my Smashbox eyeliner but it’s ok. Sometimes I line with Boost and just go over with a liquid liner to smooth out the edges. It can be worn alone. It is so rich and it got me back into wearing black eyeliner as I was wearing a lot of brown recently.

3. I wanted to use this product but I didn’t know where to begin. Then one day I felt like my cheeks could do with a little something because I wasn’t wearing much on my face and that’s when the love affair began. You literally just have to swipe it on and use your fingers to smooth it out and that’s it. you can add more if you like but you don’t have to. It’s not very pigmented but the light colors are very complimentary for any skin tone.

4. I don’t think there’s much to say about this product again. You may probably get tired of me raving about it, but I’m just in love with this blue as an eyeliner. It just pops with brown eyes!

That’s all I have for August loves. I know it’s not much but they have been used almost everyday for the last 3 weeks or more so I just had to share them. After this week of sun I’ll probably switch it up to darker colors for Fall so it may be a little different next month (or not) :).

Thanks for reading!


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