Friday Roundup 10.11.13

I just realized I haven’t done one of these in forever! And believe me it’s not because I haven’t been shopping, I just forgot that I did these posts >_<. I have *really* been out of it. Anyway lets get to it. … Continue reading

Tops – Shop

First off, I have one pair of shoes to show you that I ordered. I was hoping to have two but I’m returning the snow boots I ordered because I didn’t like how they fit around my ankle even though they were the cutest ones I’d seen online. Poop. I ordered these flats from Modcloth (LURVE this website) and even though I ordered a half size too big, I have insoles from Aldo that make them practically fit me. Aren’t they adorable?!

white flats

Some days after dropping my husband off I head to the drive-thru Starbucks which is next to a mall. I get my chai tea latte and leave it in the car to “peep” in a store or two quickly while it cools. Today I went to “peep” in Old Navy to see if they had any of the sweaters with the animals left. Unfortunately they didn’t. So instead of leaving, I did what always makes me feel less guilty – check clearance. Hey, if I’m not supposed to be getting anything else then I can feel less guilty about spending a lot of money ;). I came across the shirts below: two plaid flannel shirts ($11.49 each) and one striped cotton shirt ($8.99) [and they’re giving out Old Navy cash right now to be redeemed between 1/31- 2/6]. When I saw the striped shirt I immediate saw it with some white shorts and the flats above for a very fresh Summer look. I’ll have to post that look when I do where it in the Summer because our Spring can still be very wet. I was also considering getting another pair of the rockstar jeans in corduroy but they didn’t have my size in the color I wanted :(.

20130110-175137.jpgI was recently telling someone how much I dislike turtlenecks. If it doesn’t stick to your neck I’d wear it but the fitted ones I despise. So I had to chuckle when I came across these two ($10.49 each! after an additional 30% off for the closing sale). On Tuesday, I went to a store in another mall to run an errand and I was walking back to the entrance by where I parked and I looked up and saw a store, that I shop in occasionally, was closing that location and had a sale. WHAT!? I had to give it one last look around as I just got my NYE dress from there and everyone loved it. So I tried on at least 8 sweater dresses of which I put all back (womp) and I came out and saw these turtlenecks in 4 different colours. I tried them on and they looked amazing! Very flattering and the neck didn’t bother me at all. 20130110-175152.jpgI’d probably be classified as a bargain hunter. I prefer to get more for my money (for clothing) but at the same time I splurge on quality items like shoes and bags. I’ve been building my collection of handbags so I that I can only have bags I know I will use throughout the years and not just for the moment. Once I get my camera sorted out I may do short videos just to show you as it may be better than posting pictures all the time. Anyway, enough rambling.

Thanks for reading!