Airplane Skin Routine

Holiday travel season is approaching as quickly as the cold weather that comes with it. Some of us will be on a plane for an hour or less and others almost 24 hours between flights and airports. I was reading about beauty routines while traveling and I thought that I’d share what I’m taking with me this season, and plan on trying as well.

For the last year or two I’ve been trying to figure out what works best for my face for my long haul flights. We take 2-3 flights to get home and most of the time, we’re delayed which means we spend more time than we hope in airports. While I’ve found a lip balm** that is a MUST for me while flying, I’m still working on finding the perfect face cream. This is because Seattle is cold and Barbados is warm and I break into a sweat at the door of the airplane when I land in Barbados. Therefore, I’m looking for a moisturizing cream that won’t have me looking like I’m ready for the fryer when I get to Barbados. Lately, I’ve been using my Clinique Overnight Moisture Surge Mask because I love how smooth it leaves my skin. But, as I’m learning, a hydrating face mist is very important to include. I’ve been taking notes from The 5 Most Important Products To Use On A Plane and 23 Things Beauty Pros Won’t Travel Without, and I’ve put together a new kit for myself that includes travel sizes of the following:

Airplane Skin Routine

It also helps to have cute little pouches to hold everything in like these (1,2,3) but in reality we all need a TSA friendly pouch to put everything in. As far as sanitizer goes, I have the Honest gel sanitizer in every one of the baby bags that I use but I think I’ll get the spray one to put in my travel bag. I don’t know if I would be able to do a full wipe, spray and cleanse when traveling with a baby at the beginning of a flight but I know my husband will help out in some way lol.

I also recommend following Chriselle Lim’s Blog for more ideas. She’s my current blog crush (>_<) mainly because she’s a new mom too AND a stylist.


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