I know it’s been a while… A long, long, long time. I won’t say this is a comeback, I am just making an effort to get back into it. I even created a separate Instagram to share things when I don’t get to write.

Today though, I really wanted to share a few products that I have been using forever and a few new ones that I just can’t seem to put down. I haven’t been doing much clothing shopping but beauty products have been reeling me in. I’m really trying to take care of my skin because some mornings, I don’t have the time to focus on my face besides applying moisturizer, making my brows decent and sometimes adding a little mascara. Lip products are ALWAYS stored in my bag because, unless it’s the weekend, I don’t apply it before leaving home. So here are my go-tos:


Nyx Butter gloss in Praline // Glossier Balm Dotcom in Coconut

I found this NYX butter gloss after reading this article. After purchasing it, it has become a staple in my handbag and at $4.99 I think I may buy a 2 or 3 more to keep in the bags I use the most. It is the perfect glossy nude for darker skin tones.

I was intrigued by the reviews on Balm Dotcom and since the coconut was receiving the most hype I decided to give that one a go. I expected the generic super sweet fragrance that every product with coconut in it has but this took me by surprise. It smells like a Shirley Coconut biscuit. My Caribbean people should know exactly what I mean. While I haven’t tasted it to see if it tastes the same, I can tell you since I put it on my lips one night to replace my nighttime lip balm that my toddler threw in the garbage… I haven’t stopped putting it on. It’s like an overnight hydrating mask for your lips. Every morning, I wake with the smoothest lips and every night I feel like I had a nighttime snack without eating it lol. Get it! They have new flavors but I’ll be stocking up on this one for sure. P.S – it’s not just for lips either! Rub it on any dry spots you have on your body.


Petal Multi-use Oil – Assorted // Nars Optimal Brightening Concentrate // Caudalie Beauty Elixir

I recently purchased this oil after I saw it on Instagram and I needed to try it. I’d run out of my other body oil and was on the hunt for a new one. I either use oil at night alone or mix with my cream during the day. I love the smell of this! I don’t even use perfume when I use it in the morning. It has such a lovely fragrance.

I think this is my 4th bottle of the Nars Concentrate. I’ve been using it since June 2014. I took a little break from it because of the price but nothing compares. And here I am back with it. I only use 2 pumps max when I apply it. That is enough to not totally blur but create a smooth surface on my face. I apply it after my toner and before my moisturizer. I don’t use it when I’m not leaving home. It’s too expensive to just wear in the house lol.

This beauty elixir is my alternative when I’m not using the concentrate. I’ve only bought the small size because I don’t use it that often. I took a break from using it and I find that whenever I start back, it gives me slight tingle like how mint products feel on your skin. I like it because it’s very hydrating and refreshing to spray on before your moisturizer.


Bioderma Sensibio H2O // Son & Park Beauty Water

I had to use my new bottle of Bioderma because I didn’t think it was worth it to post 1ml of product in a bottle! This is the best make-up remover I’ve ever used! It makes removing makeup after 11pm so easy when you just want to climb into bed. It’s lightweight and works fast. You’re skin isn’t left oily or feeling super dry like the extremes that some makeup removers leave you feeling. The pump bottle is limited edition, so I’d hurry and get one if you’re interested.

This beauty water is a little pricey but oh so worth it! It’s perfect for those nights you just need to do a quick cleanse and then apply your nighttime oil/moisturizer. It has left my face feeling very smooth and evened out my skin tone. I found it through @evachen212 and you can follow  if you are up for trying new products. She gives mini reviews of the products she’s using and would even reply to your questions!

And that’s it for my favorites! I hope you’ve found something you’d like to try and if you do try, I hope it’s a keeper for you like it is for me.


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