Hair Today, Gone tomorrow

I don’t consider myself a very spontaneous person, but when it comes to my hair, I am. Sort of.

This decision didn’t come lightly and I’m not on some journey to being a naturalista, but change was necessary. I chopped it all off last Sunday.


Now, I don’t think I was ever one to treat my hair well but my stylists did and others. Since having my baby, I don’t think I was able to give it as much attention as I did before and I also wasn’t able to use a lot of products… I’d run out and not get a chance to replace them like before. This lead to a dryer than normal scalp and I had two spots that, no matter what I did, they repeatedly burned every time I got a relaxer. When I was considering this, I had two options – cut it all off like above, or do a conditioning treatment like Keratin and just grow it out. I realized this year was 10 years of having a relaxer and I thought, why not go for something different. Something I have no clue about.

I’ve had a curl from 1994-2005 and relaxer 2005-2015. Before that curl I had my natural hair that my mother dealt with. I’ve got very thick hair and it’s been nice not having to deal with the headaches of it but now that I’m older and I’ve got a better understanding of dealing with it I’ll give it a try. There are more products available for those who opt for the natural look and I’m also aware of one person near to where I live that can help with styling should I need it.

I’ve not totally given up on the creamy crack, I still feel like it’s in the near future, but I just really needed a break from chemical treatments. I guess now is a good time because I use my “hair time” to focus on my face and that routine is short and I need more time to put towards the little one sometimes. Also, I always thought if I was to have a little girl, I’d hope that I could be some kind of an inspiration to her. Don’t know when/if I’ll have her and I don’t know if I’ll still be natural, but she’ll see that mummy made the effort for a little bit.

And yes, I went purple. Why would I do such a dramatic cut and not add colour?!

Below are a few products I bought to try to help the transition:

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I already had the ORS Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion that I plan to use as well.

I’ve just been using the SheaMoiture Curl Enhancing Smoothie so far and the ORS Moisturizing Hair lotion. I also used the Paul Mitchell once or twice, I know that definitely gives me a nice curl as I always used it when the back was growing out.

If you have any suggestions for dealing with my little fro as it grows out, PLEASE leave them in the comments below! I intend to have a little fun with it so we’ll see how this goes :).


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