Pixie Update

So I started this post but due to travel and illness I was unable to finish it with the images and extra info. It was pre-scheduled so if you saw a link before and it didn’t go to anything, it’s because I had to pull it. So here it is!

Last Summer I shared the products/tools that I used on my hair. Since then, I’ve gone from a bob to a pixie again and I have some new favorites to add to the list and I will share what has remained a staple. I mentioned before that I do not like having my hair feel heavy with products so I hardly apply anything after

Pixie UpdateProducts shown above:

Pixie UpdateThe only tools I use:

  • Hot’n’Silky Root Straightening Comb (similar) – perfect for taming the back of my cut when new growth starts to come in. It helps it to sit down instead of stick up and be spiky without extra product.
  • Micro Chi 5/8″ Flat Iron – It’s not my favorite flat iron as it’s a but chunky but it gets the job done. I also go it free with my 1-inch Chi that no longer works :(.

I’ve been a bit obsessed with headbands recently. Enough that I’ve been leaving just under an inch at the back so that I can add a curl to it. Because I have a pixie it doesn’t mean that I’m stuck with styling it one way all of the time. I’ve also colored it myself but I think this next set will be done by my hairdresser as I have it too random right now and it needs professional work. Pixies are fun and my hair tends to hold a style for a while so I don’t have to do it as often. After a relaxer, I try to go 10 days before I wash it and then every week after that and stop a week before the next relaxer.

Pixie UpdateI think this is it on my update, if you want to know anything else, I’ll be happy to let you know :).



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