Let’s get to Punching!

Ever bought a pair of shoes and one more hole would’ve been perfect but it’s not a store where it can be done? You want the shoes, but you’d have to go to a shoe repair shop to get it punched. Annoying, but worth it for the shoes right?

Or you found a belt you loved or lost/ gained a few and need to adjust the hole? Used the ice pick or a knife and now you’ve got an ugly punch in your fave belt?!

Go to Amazon right now and buy a leather punch.

Yes, a leather punch.

I bought one after I bought shoes from Target (the Sam and Libby collection) and I thought they were fine. Then I got home and walked in them and the ankle bit was a little too loose. I didn’t want to take it to a shoe repair and possible pay $2 just to punch a hole. I thought that this happens to me too often, so I’ll see about getting my own punch. What surprised me the most during my search is how cheap it was! I paid less than $8 for a punch with a few different sizes. Who knew it was that easy and cheap? I am now convinced that this is my best tool purchase ever.

Tekton 6585 Leather Punch

Tekton 6585 Leather Punch

There were several to choose from under $10 but I liked the red handle on this one :).

I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t have an idea about the size of the holes the punch would produce but I just tried my luck and this one was perfect.

If you’ve never thought of this before, I’m happy to open your eyes to this idea. So just go purchase it after you subscribe to this blog ;).



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