On-the-go Make-up Bag

Due to me leaving home in a rush and not remembering everything, I decided it was time to have a make-up bag for my handbag. It is comprised of stuff I got in my monthly subscription boxes, makeup kits or bought in a mini version.

On-the-go Make-up Bag

Why did I choose these products? I thought of what I’d normally wear and what would work for touchups. I also wanted to makes sure they were products that I like to use and have used before. This bag is also very small so it doesn’t take up much space in my handbag and lightweight. What makes a great make up bag for your handbag? I don’t know. Lol. Noticed I didn’t have any lipsticks or lip glosses in there? It’s because I have about 3-5 lip balms/lip glosses/lipsticks already in my handbag. Lipsticks baby! 🙂


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