Vacation Haul

I think if I didn’t have a vacation haul, you’d wonder what kind of blogger/person/shopper I am. Well I did a little shopping. In Norway it was much to my husband’s disapproval as my lack of Maths skills prevented me from truly understanding how much I was spending in working out the conversion. I suck at Math, hands were too full to pull out the cell phone so I just dealt with his shocked face. It wasn’t that much but it would’ve been nice to know exactly what I was spending lol.

Barbados – Hunikom

A friend posted a pic of her on the beach in a swimsuit by a local brand Hunikom on Instagram. I was very interested in supporting a local company selling swimwear so I followed them on Instagram and when I got to Barbados, went to see them. It’s a new company and as I spoke to one of the owners, I liked the direction they’re heading and I will definitely continue to support them. To contact them visit their Facebook page, the link above is their Instagram page where you can see many of their designs. I chose a two piece with a reversible bottom. I love the aubergine top and I can’t wait to wear it. I had a cruise in Barbados but had another swimsuit that I wore because I was feeling chubby lol. Sorry my photography isn’t the best but at least you can see it :).

IMG_2064         IMG_2067

London Magazine Haul

We went to Norway via London so I was able to pick up some mags in English to keep me occupied. I often forget about the goodies you receive when you purchase magazines in England. I grabbed three! I was really happy about getting the Model Co product(s) because I already have two lip glosses and a lip liner. I wanted to get the mascara and eye liner pencil as I’d seen on the magazine. In those first three I got the following:

InStyle, Glamour & Marie Claire

InStyle, Glamour & Marie Claire

London Loot 1

Ciaté, Neal’s Yard Remedies, Model Co & OralB








I was so happy I got three more magazines on the way back to Seattle when we stopped in London again. This time I grabbed another Glamour, Harpers Bazaar and Company (which for some reason I thought was Cosmopolitan – DON’T ASK!). With those three I got:

Company make-up bag, Model Co, Leighton Denny Expert Nails

Company make-up bag, Model Co, Leighton Denny Expert Nails

The day we left I received my May Beauty Box 5 box and I forgot that I’d gotten the Model Co Eye liner pencil in it so now I have two. But I’m not complaining! If it’s a good one, I won’t have to stock up :).

Norway – Salg!

I’m not even looking up the word “salg” it was in practically every store window! So I’m assuming it means sale, of which I got quite a few things on sale. A little bit on what you see below:

  • I shopped at Bikbok, H&M, Vero Moda and Kappahl.
  • Loved the white tops. So Summery! The second one that wasn’t on sale was too beautiful to leave behind.
  • The black and white tops… I assumed they were just that to wear with my leggings, when I tried them on at my hotel, they fit like dresses! I did want tunics…
  • Rawr! – enough said.
  • All three of those scarves were me stepping outside of my box. I don’t have many neon items so that one was a must. The scarf in the middle, I didn’t see the studs until I got back to my room – lovely surprise detailing! The first one, I loved the mix of grey and burgundy and white and I don’t have anything that dark really.
  • Polka dots and airy scream summer. Need I say more?


I got more stuff but those are the items worth sharing as I won’t share intimates with you – Sowwy!

I had to pick up some shoes as well as my new white Converse high tops I bought in Barbados, cut into the back of my feet since I didn’t have any socks above my ankle to wear with them and my white keds got wet in Dominica and just stank! And I forgot to pack flats that weren’t sandals… My Keds have been lounging on my patio drying since I threw both pairs in the washing machine on Monday :). Back to this other pair – I went into the mall and couldn’t find a decent, reasonably priced pair of shoes. It was supposed to rain and I didn’t want any espadrille flats or fabric shoes. EVERY store carried Converse or some imitation of it and I obviously wasn’t buying another pair. I went online and saw that there was an Aldo near where I was staying and went to check it out. I tried on a few pairs and then other styles weren’t available in my size. I finally found a pair and they didn’t have it so she sent me to another store around the corner where I was finally able to purchase a pair of shoes to walk around in. Obviously they look a little beaten up because I did a lot of walking in those few days I had them.

Drying out!

Drying out!


Aldo Dahl loafers

I think that’s it! Phew! I really need to consider doing videos. Hope you enjoyed this post!


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