Vacay Hits & a Miss – Beauty

I must apologize for my lack of posts. I managed to give updates on my other blog as it was more suited for that one. So to fill you in, I was in Dominica, Barbados and Norway for the last three and a half weeks. I decided to compile a list of hits and a miss of products I took with me and share with you. The hits have been put aside and are on my travel essentials list. Click the images to to go to the website and all photos were taken from the same website. Shall we start?

Mac Riri Woo

I brought this lipstick along because I figured it would be a nice pop of color to my face with the natural/shimmer I was going to do on my eyes. For the second wedding where I was in the bridal party, we decided to do a neutral face with red lips. We all looked so pretty! At both weddings I received tons of compliments on this lipstick. The retro matte color is flattering for every skin tone. Well done Rihanna and Mac! HIT

Please excuse my hair, make-up was done first and this is the best "natural light" picture I have.

Please excuse my hair, make-up was done first and this is the best “natural light” picture I have.

Nars Cactus flower Blush

This was gifted to me last year for my birthday by Bao. Since then people have been trying to steal it from me but I’ve kept a firm grip on it. Bao couldn’t have chosen a better color for my skin tone. I used this at the first wedding in Dominica, a family photo shoot and the second wedding in Barbados. There wasn’t much a of a need for me to wear it in Norway. This is a staple in my make-up bag anytime I travel. *Thanks Bao!!!* HIT

Nars Cactus Flower Cream blush - photo taken from Nars website

The Container Store Cotton Rounds container

I found this a few days before I left and it has been one of my favorite containers. I was always searching for containers to fit the cotton rounds and add the toner if I wanted to that I didn’t have to walk with toner and a bag of rounds. Containers were always too small or bulky, so I grabbed two just to be on the safe side if this product was to be discontinued. I probably should’ve gotten four then… Anyway, it was great. I didn’t add the toner because I was going to carry eye makeup remover and I’d need dry rounds for it. I stuffed about twelve rounds in there and it was more than enough for the days in Dominca and I’d packed the rest of the bag in my luggage that I left in Barbados. If you’re looking for a compact container to carry your cotton rounds for under $2 this is the one. Perfect for your handbag or travel. HIT

La Fresh Nail Polish Remover Wipes

After Dominica, we went to Barbados and I wanted to change up my nail color. I’d use nail polish remover wipes before from a hotel and wasn’t impressed so I was being hopeful that these would be ok. My mother was running low on nail polish remover so I tried this first. After wiping the nail three times the wipe would not remove anymore. I’d probably get the top coat and one coat of the nail polish off and that was it. I’d probably need 10+ of these to really take off the nail polish and it had acetone… MISS

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 8.45.35 PM

Josie Maran Bare Naked Nail Wipes

I showed you these in my Vacay Prep post and they were a back up to the LaFresh remover pads. These are amazing. It was nice to have a 3-in-1 on vacation that made you walk with less things. I used one of these on 2 or 3 nails. If you like changing your nail polish on vacation, I highly recommend getting these. It’s also very small and wouldn’t take up space. HIT

Simple Eye Make-up Remover Pads

I am going to stock up on these! They are perfect for travel and work well on waterproof makeup. Seeing that it’s Simple, it’s good for sensitive skin, and even when I was rubbing my eyes a lot they did not get irritated. You get 30 in a pack and this was more than enough for me (I use one per eye) for my vacation as I don’t wear make-up every day, but if you do and you need more than one pack, they’re small enough that they won’t take up a lot of space in your luggage or toiletries bag. HIT

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Weightless Healing Oil

I was soooo pleased with this product. My hair wasn’t washed as often as I would’ve liked (forgot my hair dryer and thought my mum who has no hair still had one, and in Norway my 1-inch flat iron didn’t work). This oil spray truly is weightless and added a lovely sheen to my hair whenever I used it. I didn’t have any problem with build-up (why I think my hair wasn’t in dire need of washing) and it felt silky and smooth. Definitely keeping this for travel and using my Garnier Sleek n Shine at home. HIT

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 8.39.12 PM


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