Saturday Lounging

For the whole week I’ve been unable to sleep past 7.15am. It sucks. So this morning I woke up and got to finishing up all the ironing that was waiting for me. For the most part, it’s done, but I have a few things to put away from the laundry. I made a smoothie and took more medication as my sinuses have been acting up while I did my ironing. My husband eventually woke up and started talking about food (that’s all he thinks about) so I went to get ready.

We had lunch, went to the mall to get some shoes for my husband (he threw in a pair for me too :)), walked over to a Farmer’s market to look around, Starbucks and then went back home. Was such a lovely day we left the car home but used it to get soft serve later as I really wanted some lol. It was sooo sunny and bright that I went for my favorite summer colour – white. The rain is coming again tomorrow so I took today to wear my Bikbok top I got from Norway that I know I’m going to over-wear this Summer. I wore it with my American Eagle shorts, Aldo flats, Vince Camuto handbag, Nine West Fedora and Michael Kors sunglasses.  



Joey Restaurant in Bellevue

Joey Restaurant in Bellevue

Saturday Lounging Saturday Lounging Saturday Lounging Saturday Lounging Saturday LoungingHope you had a good Saturday! 




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