“Adult Arm Party”- PureWow

This morning I saw an email from Purewow and I almost deleted it but something told me not to. It had the title: “PureWow: Do you like to party?”. In my half awake state after not really sleeping properly, I didn’t want to read about parties or planning for them. So I left it there until I really woke up and read it. Good thing I did! So good I’m going to share with you what I read.

If you haven’t noticed by now, stacking bracelets and bangles is a huge trend. I bought a lot of little bracelets in different textures in hopes of following this trend but something about my hand didn’t look right most of the time, so I’d just leave home with two items max on my hand. In case you are as clueless as I am with carrying out this trend correctly, keep reading below for a copy of the article.



The grown-up “arm party”


Ever heard of an “arm party”? Coined by the ever-eccentric Leandra Medine (just ask your 16-year-old niece), the term refers to piling a bevy of bangles atop your wrists–way more fashionable than wearing just one. Yet while it seems simple enough, suddenly you can’t see your forearm and can be heard “clanging” from a mile away.

Fear not. We’ve got a few tips on how to achieve a refined version of the stack.

Keep size in mind The golden ratio is one large piece to two or three thinner items. And this isn’t 1983, four bracelets max.
Our stackSorrelli + Frieda and Nellie + Vita Fede

Play with texture Leather, rope, wood, embroidery. Don’t be afraid to add some dimension by using different materials.
Our stackAlexis Russell + The FFS + Scosha + Satya

Coordinate colors When creating a stack, keep a color scheme in mind (thankfully, the easiest one, monochromatic, is also on trend). If you want to add a pop of color, be sure that the rest of your bracelets lean on the neutral side.
Our stackHayden-Harnett + Melinda Maria + BaubleBar

Mix high and low Remember your great-aunt’s heirloom tennis bracelet? Break it out and pair it with an inexpensive cuff. Or make a homemade friendship bracelet (it’s a seriously relaxing pastime) and wear it with your best timepiece this summer.
Our stackCartier + Shashi + Mane Message + Miansai

Don’t wear all of your diamonds at once. We know you’re fabulous, but let’s save the big guns for that upcoming charity gala.

Read more here.



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