Vacay Prep

It’s that time of the year that everyone is preparing to go on vacation. So let’s talk preparing for it.

Some might call it being high maintenance, I call it being prepared. My friends say I have everything, and sometimes I do. Being on vacation is just that – a vacation from life. So why not prepare yourself to still look polished while away from home, while having almost everything you need to continue your daily routine?

For major vacations that are planned in advance, I get to work on organizing all of my appointment that they line up and are timed perfectly for the week of departure. Waxing, hair, manis and pedis – the works. I get a relaxer so I try my best to not have to deal with “the kitchen” while on vacation. My trips are lined up at the start of Summer so I had to make sure I got my hair color in that it won’t affect my relaxer. I have a separate flat iron and a special bag for my hair stuff. I think I received this Vera Bradley cosmetic bag free with Crab Tree stuff in it a few years ago with a purchase. Since then, the best use for it has been my hair items and it is easy to clean if anything was to spill. The flat iron has it’s own bag so I don’t have to worry about the cord pulling out everything when I take it out. I also walk with pins as I like to pin back my bangs a lot and I lose the pins often, the elastics are in case I have to really keep it back. I live for It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-in Product so I was happy when I received this travel size during a special offer when I bought the big bottle. The good thing about this bag is it’s the perfect size. I can still force combs, headbands and maybe one or two more bottles in there and it doesn’t take up too much space.

Vera Bradley Cosmetic bag, Conair mini flat iron, It's A 10 Leave-in treatment, bobby pins and elastics

Vera Bradley Cosmetic bag, Conair mini flat iron, It’s A 10 Leave-in treatment, bobby pins and elastics

A Lesson in Preparation

I went to Vegas once… very last minute. Bought my ticket around 12.30A and the flight left around 10A and my hair was a mess! It needed washing and it was just disgusting… I had to buy shampoo in the hotel and stuff. It was not pleasant. That trip made me become obsessed with having travel size everything to be prepared for any last minute trips. I have a container filled with stuff and a huge ziploc with containers. I also keep every mouthwash, toothbrush, floss and toothpaste samples we get from the dentist lol. I recently picked up this Hot Tools cosmetic travel bag in Ulta. I bought it for the small round containers and the pump bottle – you hardly see those.

Hot Tools Cosmetic Travel Bag

Hot Tools Cosmetic Travel Bag

Waxing is done every 4-5wks and I’ve spaced that out in time. Who wants to deal with a bikini line and underarm stubble?! I don’t worry about my legs as that hair grows finely and a shave the night before I leave is sufficient. Care during the trip is important though. I’ve put aside scrubs to take with me as exfoliating is important after waxing and helps with ingrown hair. I recently bought my trusty Tree Hut Tropical Mango Shea Sugar Body Scrub and I’m going to put it in a small travel friendly container as I don’t need to take the whole tub. When I bought it from Ulta, there was a special – buy 1 get one 50% off (I used that to stock up on my Hawaiian Kakui Shea Body Butter) and I also received a travel size Coconut Lime Shea Body Butter. I’m not a fan of coconut scents but this smells nice so I’ll take it as my night time cream. Even though you’re in the Tropics, you still have to keep moisturized! It also helps with any sunburn.

Tree Hut products

Tree Hut products

As far as manis and pedis go, I try to get them the day before or day of depending on when my flight is. The day before is better because of the running around and moving luggage a smudge is inevitable on the day. I don’t normally travel with nail polish or anything nail related but I think I may start. For short trips it’s unnecessary but for longer ones, maybe just the polish. I used to have gel nails as well so it meant my nail polish lasted longer but I don’t have gel nails anymore and I’m seriously contemplating doing it for this trip again. But at the same time not. I’m still trying to grow out the last set I took off in January… Below I have two nail polish remover wipes samples from La Fresh that came in my Ipsy Bag, Josie Maran Barenaked Nail Wipes I picked up from Sephora, Seche Vite base and top coat (love these) and Pink Love Pink nail polish a freebie from Victoria’s Secret (a bright nail polish should always be in your bag for vacay!). I’d give you a link to the nail polish but it’s not online. I did try it here when I got it. Notice how everything is travel friendly! I can stuff them into a small makeup pouch and go. No extra bottles for nail polish remover and cotton balls! The Josie Maran wipes are also a 3-in-1 (remover, cuticle and nail treatment).


La Fresh Nail Polish Remover wipes, Josie Maran Barenaked Nail Wipes, Seche Vite base and top coat and Pink Love Pink nail polish

Whenever I come across a product I love, I immediately search for it’s travel size. If not, I’m on the hunt for the perfect container to put it in to travel with. I haven’t added this product to my favorites because I’ve had it for a while but Garnier Fructis Haircare Sleek and Shine Sleek Finish 5-in-1 Serum Spray is my best friend. Whew! That’s a mouthful! Because I have relaxed hair, it doesn’t mean it must be slick all the time but I like to have shine and not use a cream based moisturizer to make it heavy. This product gives my hair that added moisture it needs without making it heavy and lightly moisturizing my thick roots. I don’t have to pour serum into my hands and hope it spreads evenly either. But do they have this in a travel size?! I checked my trusty 3floz website and it wasn’t there. Companies really need to do travel size bottles! Anyway, I bought Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Weightless Healing Oil  which is a 4 oz. bottle but I plan to pour out a little and put it aside and use this while I’m away.

To summarize: If you know you have trips coming up, book appointments as close to your travel date as possible. Start putting things aside the week before if possible that you have time to see what you need to buy and it also gives you more time when you just have to go over everything the night before and not pack fresh and be frustrated. Always buy/keep any travel size products/containers that you may come across. You can never have too many! Well you can if you’re a hoarder but we’re not going there. If you wear contacts, keep the container that comes in the box, but you really don’t need to have 10 of them. Different styles may also help you see which one works best for you. Be smart in your packing. To say don’t overpack would be hard so just be smart about it. If you don’t normally go through 3 packs of tissues in a week, you don’t need 3 for a weekend trip. I’ll try to add more as I think of them but hope this helps you in your vacation prep!

Barbados - Jan 2012 :)

Barbados – Jan 2012 🙂


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