Friday Round-up 4-5

It’s April and Spring is definitely in the air. I’ve been trying to not wear my winter clothes unless it gets too cold. So far, I just need a heavy jacket sometimes.

With Spring comes a change in your skin care routine and colors – both for beauty and fashion. I’m also trying to find some favorite products so that when I travel I know they are my must haves. With that said, I’m going to go straight into it if you don’t mind :).

On Tuesday, I got $22 from taking clothes to Plato’s Closet so I went to Marshall’s after because I hadn’t seen the face wash I wanted the week before, and I was being hopeful that it was there again. I really like DDF. Not only was there one bottle left, but there was another one that would be even better for my skin! I’ve been having really dry skin the last few months and I saw they had another cleanser called the Non-Drying Gentle Cleanser ($9.99/170g bottle normally $39/240g on their website) so I bought 2 bottles of that instead of the one I normally use. I also picked up a new product there called the Clarifying Hydrator ($12.99 – $44 on their website).You know one of the secrets to having nice skin? Use products that aren’t harsh but also prevent problems like acne even if you don’t have it!

I also picked up two bottles of Joico K-Pak Conditioner ($7.99/bottle, I normally pay $16) specifically for color treated hair as I plan to color my hair again next month. I first heard about this product from BeatFaceHoney and I decided to give it a try as I was looking for new conditioner. I really like it and how it leaves my hair feeling. Leave it on for a whole day or 15 minutes, the longer the better.

Marshall's Haul

Marshall’s Haul

Today (Friday), I went to Forever21 as I’d seen another striped blazer there and if it fit I was going to exchange the one I ordered last month for it. I didn’t like it but I got this dress instead. I’m currently obsessed with Fit and Flare dresses as I know how to style them better now without looking like I’m 12 years old. After Forever21 was Sephora. As usual I went for two things (the mascaras) and left with this lot after passing all the little bits they have on the way to the cashier and getting 2 100pt Beauty Insider gifts.

SephoraLeft to right:


I’m excited to try everything here. I love the mascaras, two totally different wands so no I didn’t just buy two mascaras just because.

Walking through Nordstrom to go to the car I remembered MAC has a new line out called Fashion Sets so I went to check it out. Each set includes a lipglass, lipstick, lip liner, nail polish and eyeshadow all in the same color. Apparently they’re sold out online! So check Nordstrom, a MAC store or any MAC counters near you if you’re interested. The lipsticks were definitely too bright for me so I went for this lipglass. I like that it is a peachy-orange which I don’t mind wearing. The pink was way too bright for me so I went for the nail polish as I’ve been searching for a “barbie pink” like this for a while.

Lipglass: AblazeNail Polish: Silly

Lipglass: Ablaze
Nail Polish: Silly

Have a wonderful weekend fashionistas!


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