Fashion & Style – A few thoughts

The best compliment I ever received came from my husband. No, it’s actually not like that. He’s critical and I love him for that. But we were discussing how people dress after we spotted a lady in some sweats and I asked who sells those clothes because it just looked so… off. After a bit of chattering he said:

“I actually get annoyed now whenever people compliment you when we go out. Like why do you always look good or have something on that some loves.”

I don’t know about you but that’s a huge compliment. We’re in the 5+ year process of (me trying desperately) changing up his look since college and I have to say it’s because I stepped up my game more than ever recently that he is more… aware of how he looks when with me sometimes. He asks where’s his new shirt to wear or he wants better shoes (even though he has no desire to go and buy these things), at least he’s thinking it out loud.

He also went on to ask how do I know to look the way I do lol. I couldn’t answer that properly. “How do women know what to not wear?” and I had to highlight it is also a very mental issue. It’s like if you gained weight and you can’t let go of those shorts that are obviously tooo small now but they’re your favorite shorts and you won’t let them go no matter how much your muffin top is spreading over.

Fashion and style are very personal. I can’t say anything more than you have to be aware of your body type and know how to dress for it and know your size. Know what flatters you and what is an absolute no-no. My husband also asked if I could start some kind of app or something lol… bless him! [Btw, he is a programmer which you probably don’t know but you can find out more about that here.]

I’m forever grateful that my husband gives his input though… I often wonder if people have a mirror or friends who let them know that they shouldn’t leave the house looking the way you do. With that said, if someone criticizes the way you look, even if they’re being nasty, just take a second look and see if something can be adjusted. If you know for sure it’s just jealously (unwanted admiration), keep walking.

If you ever need an honest second opinion feel free to email me at 🙂

Keep it classy and a little sassy! 😉


4 thoughts on “Fashion & Style – A few thoughts

  1. My husband is also quite careless to his appearance, but he has some sound principles that save his looks: he wears beige, blue, white or dark red, cuts his hair regularly and tries to stay slim from health concerns. Otherwise he absolutely does not care about clothes and appearance.

    🙂 🙂 my husband is also a software engineer 🙂

    • A friend once joked about the nerd “uniform”- white new balance sneakers, jeans and polo/ t-shirt. I’m just glad he lets me shop for him occasionally and dress him 🙂 still working on his regular haircuts though lol.

      • My husband not only lets me dress him, but expects me to do it. And I sometimes end up going several times to the shop, exchanging sizes. After more than 10 years doing it, I would rather have him do it alone but he never will.

      • Lol I don’t mind doing it, and I know his size pretty well now. He doesn’t trust me when he sees something on a hanger but when he puts everything together then he realizes that I know what I’m doing. What would they do without us?!

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