Friday Round-up 3-29

It’s Friday!

I’ve had such a busy day I’m going to try to publish this post before 12am Saturday but I highly doubt it will happen, we’ll see. I did get a few things today which I’m very excited to try.


The first place I went to today was Marshalls. The items I got from there set the tone for the day. Shoes are the first thing you see as you walk in, so I had a look around at their sandals and what should I spot? These beauties. Marshall’s had them in gold, silver, black, pink and orange. I think that because I was wearing a grey maxi I gravitated towards the silver but at the same time it goes with more things in my wardrobe. I have a lot of brown sandals and I can’t bring myself to wear black somehow unless they’re all black so I just bought the silver. I also got the gold for my sister. But these babies were only $30! They’re originally $59 I think. Score!! Did I mention they’re super comfy?!

Michael Kors Charm Jelly Sandals in Nickel

I also got a top from them but as today was laundry day, it’s in the wash lol. I spotted the travel pillow and had to have it! It’s purple and I’m pretty sure my husband wouldn’t steal it from me because of how girly it looks :). It also has the snap at the bottom to clip onto bags or carry-on luggage (yay!). The Too Faced Aqua Bunny was a score as it’s normally around $30 if I go by what their bronzers cost (but as this one is discontinued I’m just guessing) and it was $7.99! I received La Fresh Travel wipes nail polish remover and Travel-lite makeup remover wipes in my Ipsy bag so when I saw the waterproof makeup remover wipes 8/$3.99 I bought them. I haven’t tried this product yet (a bit fast of me) but because of their travel sizes, I’ve been putting them aside to use for my upcoming trips. Speaking of travel, I saw the Biosilk 4-pack for $14.99 and that had to go into my cart – again, travel size and talk about the price?!!  We all know they aren’t cheap so to get this set at this price and to have nice products to use while travelling is very nice. The ice bag? I didn’t have one at home, and it would’ve come in handy a few weeks ago so this purple one had me sold for only $6.99. It’s “compared to” price is $14.

The Body Shop

I think this was my most exciting shop of the day. I went in to check out make-up remover and this is what I left with. On reflection, I think I still need a liquid but we’ll see how the wipes work out… Why was this my favorite? First of all I spun the wheel and got 40% off my entire purchase. Then at check out, I learned that I had my 4 point reward which meant I got $15 off my purchase. Everything came to $33.51 and I only paid $10.94 :D. I’m currently using Neutrogena for my eye make-up remover, I like rubbing it in because it’s soothing and I could feel when my mascara is off but I like to have something to just go over it with to make sure everything is off before I wash my face. But I’m going to try the Vitamin E wipes, also I bought the facial flannel and brush to help with washing and exfoliating. I love Tea Tree oil for blemishes as well and I wanted to try one of their eyeshadows so I bought the Color Crush in Coconuts About You.



I went to Sephora because I have finally settled on a BB Cream that I want to use. It’s the Diorskin Nude BB Creme – in Deep. I used the sample and I have to say I really loved it. I will be using it daily so I’m excited to see what changes may take place on my face during the time. As I said it wasn’t cheap at all so I will be using this to the last drop. Another cheaper option was the Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer but I prefer to use the BB Cream right now because of what it promises to do to my skin. I also picked up another Laura Mercier caviar stick, this time in Sapphire. Why Sapphire? I love the midnight blue color of it and I almost bought the plum but I figured due to my love of stripes and how much I wear blue during the summer, I would rather use a purple eyeshadow and line with blue.

20130329-230051.jpgSo there you have it! My round up for today. I got more things this week but I’ll only post what I got today so I don’t look crazy lol. It’s 12.15am right now so I think I did ok with completing this post. Until next Friday…


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