Parian Spirit – Review


I placed my order March 7th, I received my order March 9th. I love Beautylish! I really want to get the glove by Sigma for washing brushes, but when I saw this offer, I wanted to try this product to see if it would offer a good alternative to having something to travel with as well. Since I was aware of Beautylish’s fast shipping I left all of my brushes for the week to be cleaned until I got it. I bought the 2 oz spray bottle and the 16oz bottle. Why? and I’m now trying this product? Well, if I liked the product I didn’t have to go and order again in a hurry, it was a travel bottle so I’d just use it up when I travel and not have to worry about waiting until I got back to wash my brushes and I didn’t want to run out in my trial so I just bought the 16oz, I had $10 off and I don’t believe Beautylish backs bad products! There was a brush cleaning system, but I couldn’t figure out what the point of the jar was so I just bought these two. According to Beautylish:

“Parian Spirit is made from citrus spirits and food grade solvents, giving it powerful cleaning properties designed to gently clean, condition and disinfect fine brush hair. This cleaner dissolves all types of makeup products including powder, liquids, wax-based products and adhesive.”

16oz Bottle of Parian SpiritPhoto credit:

16oz Bottle of Parian Spirit – $18
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2oz spray bottle of Parian Spirit (travel size) – $6.50
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  • It has a citrusy scent, so it leaves your brushes smelling nice.
  • Brushes felt soft and conditioned after.
  • I just had to swirl them in the solution and watch the product melt off and not rub and wash the brushes.
  • Travel size spray bottle available.
  • “The spray bottle is designed for quick cleaning of large powder brushes when drying time is limited. Give the brush a fine mist spray, but do not soak it. Use a terry cloth or paper towel for drying. The spritizer is also great for cleaning counter tops, makeup cases, etc.”- Beautylish


  • The citrus smell was too strong. I had to take a step back and get some air.
  • My foundation brushes required extra washing. I had to use another solution to scrub them. I swirled them longer in the solution and the color was not washing out.  They didn’t clean as easily as my other brushes.

My thoughts:

I am happy with this product. I won’t just use it again because I bought the 16oz bottle. I found cleaning my brushes to be less time consuming and easier on my hands. Besides the scent, it seems to be a very good product. I actually watched the product disappear and when I rinsed, it was clean. I will also buy more of it when I’m out of it.


Update: If you are looking for a further review on how to use this product, check this article by Sarah Campbell.

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