Hello Flawless – Review

As I was getting ready on Saturday night, I decided I’d use that night to try the Hello Flawless Oxgen Wow! by Benefit Cosmetics. Remember the two free samples I got this time? I was given “Warm Me Up” Toasted Beige and “Gotta Know Me” Nutmeg, her suggestions based on a quick analysis at checkout. She suggested blending if they’re either too dark or too light, which they were, and I had to blend them to get the perfect shade for my skin tone. When I got home from dinner some 5 hours later, I realized that my face looked an felt hydrated and moisturized. Everything was still in it’s place but my skin just felt lovely. There was a little glow to it, I had some coverage but my face didn’t look “made-up”. I know my application and the product are good when my husband says that it looks subtle, but I still looked polished.

I love that this makeup is not heavy, that you can build up coverage, your skin doesn’t look or feel like it’s being suffocated by a coat of paste. I’m so over the moon with this product that I think I won’t even bother with getting a BB Cream anymore. I’ll be content using this as an everyday product and my Estée Lauder Double Wear makeup for special occasions. Using the Hello Flawless with the Fake-up is the perfect match.

Hello Flawless: Left - "Warm Me Up" Toasted Beige, Right - "Gotta Know Me" Nutmeg

Hello Flawless: Left – “Warm Me Up” Toasted Beige, Right – “Gotta Know Me” Nutmeg

The two colors blended.

I just applied that little bit of mixture all over my face, nothing was on before.

Since Saturday, I’ve come to see that there are two shades between the two that I was given to try so I will test them when I go to buy it. Yes I have to get this product! Benefit products are just winning me over every time I try one. What are your faves from them? Which do you use daily? I’d love to hear!


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