Maximizing lengths

Recently I’ve been really drawn to maxi skirts and dresses. Really drawn…

I’ve been preparing my Spring/Summer wardrobe and two C’s are always coming to mind – color and comfort. A friend posted this article on Facebook, and it confirmed for me that living here has had an effect on what I wear, plus the fact that we travel a lot. I like the freeness of maxi dresses. I used to  stay away from them because of my height, but now I have a very good seamstress, who makes them the perfect length, and I’m very aware of how wedges help :). I’ve been looking for maxi skirts as well. I have four that are so comfy, two of which I can take with me on trips to Barbados because they aren’t too heavy.

I’m not going to go on a crazy spree and overload my closet with them, I just want enough for a good rotation that I won’t kill the same dresses all of the time. I recently ordered the two dresses below. I know they don’t speak to color but they have the comfort. I also like accessorizing with color, so it still comes into play.

O'Neill Queensland Washed Black Lace Maxi Dress

O’Neill Queensland Washed Black Lace Maxi Dress from Lulu’s

Soprano Raceback Maxi Dress

Soprano Raceback Maxi Dress – Nordstrom

The good thing about both of these dresses is that they’re both inspiration to keep me working out 🙂 I slacked off but these will definitely keep me on track.

When it comes to travelling, maxis are great because most of them don’t get wrinkly and if they do, it’s not too bad. Also, you don’t have to worry about belts and there is no restriction around your stomach area when you have long flights. Throw it on with a cardigan/jacket and scarf and some loafers/moccasins and you’re good to go!

If you’re short like I am, I suggest finding someone you can trust and is reasonable to adjust the length for you. Short torso? Stay away from the dresses that have an elastic band at the waist or hip area, they do nothing for you! An empire waist is also flattering for most.

What’s your take on maxi dresses and skirts?


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