Birthday Treats

Birthday haul! (Not gifts from family/friends.) So get ready for some excitement and see where you should shop/sign up for these treats!

Since living in the US, my birthday has become a little more exciting. Getting gift cards and freebies is one of best gifts a beauty/fashion loving girl can receive. I’m going to share what I got from the company, the original price and what I paid (if I didn’t get it free).

Tory Burch

The first email I received was from Tory Burch. It was also the most I’d ever seen in a gift card, but considering the cost of items there, it was also understood. I received a $50 credit to spend on a purchase with a minimum of $50 and certain products were excluded. I decided that I wanted something that I could use a lot. I recently got a bag from them and I didn’t want shoes. So I looked in their small accessories and it was there that I found my choice – a cosmetics bag. I decided to go with this one because I got more for my money. It was $68 and since I got $50 off, I paid the difference plus tax, so just under $20 (I can’t give you the exact amount because there was an error in my check out process – she charged the full amount then did a credit and I wasn’t working out the difference). I’m not a person that likes hearts but I do love pink and purple so I’ll look past the heart as I preferred this to the green and blue. I used it for my recent trip to San Francisco and it was a perfect fit for my small luggage.

Tory Burch

The Body Shop

The Body Shop sent me an email with a $10 credit. As a Love Your Body member I also get 10% off every purchase. I went into the store and I wanted to try something different that I know I would use everyday. Not a scrub, I have enough lip balms that I love and please no more masks. I could’ve used this credit to get another bottle of the Vitamin E toner that I believe in but I decided to just try something new. So I purchased the Vitamin E Eye Cream. It was $18, I had a $10 credit and 10% off so I only paid $7.88 after tax. Pretty good deal huh?


Vera Bradley

If there is one thing I love from Vera Bradley it’s the hard sunglass case. I came to get one out of necessity the first time. My husband had stepped on my bag and in it was my Ray Ban sunglasses in their soft case. So instead of just buying any hard case, I wanted a cute one. I now have three for each pair of sunglasses I own. I should have four but my husband took one pair of Ray Bans so I only have three pairs of sunglasses now. What I love the most about them is that they fit any size shades. Every year it’s a $20 credit. The case is $22, so I paid $2.19 after taxes. I will forever keep buying these cases. They are durable and haven’t failed me (yet). I love the fun colors and I’ve been cautious but I’m pretty sure they can hold my husband’s weight :P. The best part?! They actually call you on your birthday to wish you happy birthday! No automated call either!!

The one I chose for this year's gift.

The one I chose for this year’s gift.

My Collection

Showing the different sizes of sunglasses and that they fit

Showing the different sizes of sunglasses and how they fit. Right to left: Michael Kors Aviator, Ray Ban Wayfarer, Burberry


Once you are a Beauty Insider, you can just go to Sephora and pick up your free birthday gift. Yes, no purchase necessary! It is always a sample size of a product and everyone get’s the same thing. This year, Benefit teamed up with Sephora for the Beauty Insider birthday treat. I received mascara and highlighter duo in a little box. I’d heard a lot about this mascara and was excited to try it. I didn’t get around to using it before my trip to San Fancisco and the MUA at the Benefit Boutique used it on me so you can read my thoughts on it here ;).

Benefit & Beauty Insider

Benefit & Beauty Insider

Victoria’s Secret

I almost forgot about this one. I won’t show what I purchased but I did receive a $10 credit from VS. I do not have an Angel Card but because I do shop there and give my email address etc, I receive the credit for my birthday and other coupons. If you are a person that skips the email/ telephone number request when checking out, you may want to start giving it. This is how they keep track of your purchases and send you coupons accordingly. I used my credit toward 5/$26.50 to do some stocking up but I paid a little extra as I got more things. *FYI: Once you buy 5, you get any extra at the discounted price.

Sunglass Hut

I received a $20 credit from Sunglass Hut. This one was a surprise to me because I don’t remember getting one before. I don’t know if it is something new or because of a recent purchase. Most birthday coupons are valid only the month of your birthday but this one is valid for TWO months! So I have until the end of April to use this. I haven’t decided on a pair yet but when I do it means I’ll need another case from Vera Bradley >_<.


I received a $5 coupon from DSW but I didn’t see anything on there that I really liked or that $5 would really make a difference. It expires today so that’s one I had to let go.


I only signed up on Anthropologie this month because of something else but I see that part of the member perk is a birthday discount. If you are signed up and get it please let me know what it is :).


On my actual birthday, I received an email from Macy’s offering free shipping that is valid until April 8th. This is also impressive that they’re giving me such a long time to use it.

Eyes Lips Face (E.L.F.)

On my birthday again, ELF emailed and I have an offer for a free 100pc Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette with any purchase of $15+. I haven’t claimed this one as yet and not sure if I will. It can’t be used with any other offers and I do not see an expiration date on it.

Nine West

Within the first week of February I received an email from Nine West with a 25% off code valid until March 9th. I haven’t used this either and don’t think I will soon either. What I’m currently searching for in shoes, I can’t find. I think I have to wait a little longer for it to be more Spring/Summer to find it, so I may have to get something other than shoes if I do use this coupon.

I think this is all that I received. Hopefully you can shop and sign up as well and receive these wonderful perks!


For 2014’s list, see here

2 thoughts on “Birthday Treats

  1. Nice lineup of deals! Just wondering if you still keep up with the birthday coupons and if so did you receive the same Tory Burch offer this year of 2016? Thanks!

    • Hi! I’ll try to resume next year. This year’s birthday had a lot going on, but yes the Tory Burch coupon was the same! $50 off. It’s sent via email on the 1st of your birthday month. Thanks for reading!

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