Spring Shoes

HSoes NExt!

Ugh! Shoes next!! What you see above is my brain. Frazzled but I’m pretty sure I can give you this post without too many mistakes lol. I’m trying to give myself until the first week of March to complete all my shopping for Spring. I *really* want to try to just recycle my closet as much as possible as a challenge and also because I have a few items in there I was never able to wear. So my list for Spring Shoes should help with the looks that I want to achieve.


First on my list is a pair of Keds Champion Triple in Red. I decided on a little platform height because I figured it would be cute and not as college kid when worn with shorts or a skirt. It will also give me a little height if I wear it with a maxi dress as most are almost dragging with my height. Red is also a color that can brighten any outfit – black & white, blue & white, white, you get the idea… What I also love about this shoe is that it comes with a pair of plain white laces that you can switch it up according to your mood. I find Keds to be very comfortable. This will be my second pair as I already have the Champion Leather in white. I know these will be a good fit for my wardrobe. I will say I do fear cleaning them as they are fabric. My leather pair are really easy to clean and I hope to keep these looking fresh.

Keds Champion Triple

Keds Champion Triple Photo via http://www.keds.com


Next up is the sandal. I have a pair of Michael Kors sandals that I actually forgot about. I started to look for a pair of black sandals then something told me to go check my closet and there it was… smiling at me. The reason I forgot is because I bought them on sale last year when sandal season was over. My other sandals that I bought are still in pretty good shape and they’re so comfortable I have no problem wearing the stuffing out of them again. I thought of using my $50 credit from Tory Burch for my birthday on the Miller Thong sandal but I something else caught my eye and that was left in the past. You’ll see it soon 😉 . But I did peep these that I might have to buy – the Dillon Flip Flop from DV by Dolce Vita. I love the espadrille feel of it. I’m getting the Bone color as I don’t have a white sandal like this as yet.

DV by Dolce Vita Dillon Flip Flop

DV by Dolce Vita Dillon Flip Flop photo via http://www.dolcevita.com


I will not be buying any flats – ballet flats or loafers. They’re not good for your feet. Neither are these sandals but at least I’ll look cute and not frumpy while making my ankles worse. In flats, due to a lack of support, your Achilles tendon actually arches instead of staying straight while you walk (according to my chiropractor). I have enough flats and I will work on strengthening my ankles from now until it’s time for sandal season to reduce any further damage I’ve already created.

Heels & Wedges

Honestly, I don’t do heels very well. It all boils down to tight muscles, weak ankles, flat arches and bla bla bla. That’s why I wear wedges more – for stability and comfort. I hate pointy shoes but I’d love a pair of floral (mid-heel) pumps. I just think they’d look darling but it’s something I have to go out and try on and not just order online. As far as wedges in the spring time go, I always go for neutral colours, nothing fussy. But I won’t hesitate to purchase anything from Aldo. Their wedges always reel me in… but half the time the straps across the front and ankle are to big for my bony feet.

I'm pretty sure I'll topple over in these but they are simply gorgeous

I’m pretty sure I’d topple over in these but they are simply gorgeous. Photo via http://www.aldoshoes.com

The simplicity of this Miu Miu Pump is exactly what I'm looking for but the price :| Not for a shoe I'd hardly wear.

The simplicity of this Miu Miu Pump is exactly what I’m looking for but the price 😐 Not for a shoe I’d hardly wear. Photo via http://www.neimanmarcus.com

I think this is it for my mini Spring Series. I have enough bags already and I’m only interested in lipglosses right now so we’ll see how it goes on the beauty front. If there’s anything Spring related that you want me to post on, please let me know in the comments below. If you liked this mini Spring prep, please let me know if I should do one for Summer as well.


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