Making a Statement

Finally a fashion post!

Recently I’ve been all about comfort. I’m putting on sneakers more than ever and actually seeing my jeans as a pants option instead of constantly wearing leggings. If it wasn’t so cold, I’d be throwing on t-shirts all the time as well but that is not an option. I decided to stock up on statement necklaces as I never had any when I wanted one to dress up a very casual look. I also got a few earrings to go with the gold necklaces because the majority of what I have is silver. I may have gone a bit over board but at least I’m well stocked now. Especially after a little trip to Forever 21 and World Market.

My most recent purchases from Forever21 and World Market

My most recent purchases from Forever21 and World Market

Safari Stud Set ~ Pearlescent Stud Set ~ Double Leaf Necklace ~ Bold Beaded Bib Necklace ~ Etched Feather Necklace ~ Fringe Necklace, Feather earrings & Pearl Studs (no longer available online)

I bought these two from Charlotte Russe in October last year. They were under $10 and the colours seemed perfect for Fall/Winter.

Charlotte Russe from October

The two necklaces on the left are from Dorothy Perkins and the other one is from Next. I was looking for something to wear with an all black outfit in London. The one on the right is what I went with but when I wore it, I got a rash and slight strain on my neck (joking, but it was heavy). I usually wear small necklaces so I think this was a bit too heavy for my chest and I was dancing a lot that night so I guess the sweat and rubbing caused it. I’d wear it again but over a shirt or something. You would’ve seen the gold necklace in this post.

Necklaces bought during my London trip

Necklaces bought during my London trip

Until next time!


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