Friday Roundup 01.24

This is a short post because it’s what I have. The other stuff that I ordered hasn’t arrived as yet so I will do another post on them next week. Shall we start?

Friday Roundup 01.24Products bought:

Products out of the boxes

Products out of the boxes

Friday Roundup 01.24

Swatched from top to bottom: Caviar stick in Amethyst, Primer Shadow in Sundance, Primer Shadow in Bronzed Twig, Lip Lacquer in Light Year

I was a little disappointed with how much was in the tubes for both of the primers. When I went to swatch them I realized they were only 2/3 full. The bottom was filled with air. Luckily you don’t have to use a lot of the product. I used a lot to be able to show you a good swatch but you have to use a tiny drop for your eyes.

Friday Roundup 01.24

Friday Roundup 01.24

I’ve been wearing the Caviar stick for the last two days and like the others that I have, I love it! I used my Urban Decay Rockstar eyeliner with it. I just put on the Rimmel lip gloss so that you can see it as well. Let me know if you like this format more for my Roundups.

Have a good weekend!

**Right after publishing this I saw that it was my 100th post on this blog! Yay! I hope that the next 100 will be done before the end of the year 😉

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