Beautylish + Anastasia Brow Kit

My email is the main culprit in my shopping addiction.

Valentine’s day, Beautylish Boutiques sent out an email with the title “Show you brow’s who’s boss!” and I wasted no time in checking it. Beautylish is a website that anyone who is remotely interested in beauty should join. Amazing articles! And now they have a boutique that you can shop and you can also talk to other members and ask questions, watch videos and get reviews on products.

the "special offer"...

the “special offer”…

Besides lip products, eyebrows are my other obsession. I tweezed my eyebrows when my mother specifically asked me not to around 13/14 and keeping them in line has always been interesting for me. My sister waxed them then I tried waxing them on my own and to this day, I wax/tweeze them myself unless I’m trying threading or want to see if someone else can give them a nice shape waxing them. I maintain them. The other thing is, I’ve had short hair for a few years and your face is on display more, so I always tried to make sure they were neat.

I’ve always heard that Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of the best brands when it comes to eyebrows. I’ve been using the wax kit which I bought towards the end of last year and I really like it. Before I thought the products were too expensive for me considering I may not be using everything but I’m doing more with my eyebrows now and when I saw the offer I thought it was perfect more like a sign that I should try it so I ordered it.

I ordered the same day – Thursday, February 14th. It was shipped just under 2hours later and I received it today – Saturday February 16th. That was amazing to me! As shown above, I paid the 39.50 and it was FREE SHIPPING! As I follow Beautylish on Twitter, I’d seen tweets about about how fast they are with placing orders and shipping and I can say firsthand that they are fast. This is what I received:

It also included this beautiful little note:


I am looking forward to using these products but even more to shopping with Beautylish again!

Have you ever used these products? What do you think about them?

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