Travel in Comfort (and Style)

If there’s one thing I’m mastering it’s what I wear when I travel and what has to be with me. It also boils down to where I’m going and during what season. In this post, I’m going to be discussing my “uniform” and travel accessories.

The Uniform

I came across an article in a magazine that helped me to have some clarity on my travel uniform. (I wish I could find that magazine but it’s possible it was dumped in a huge stash of magazines I got rid of 😦 ). I was halfway there and it just solidified it. It’s as follows: blazer, t-shirt, leggings and loafers. This would be your basic Spring/Summer (and maybe early Fall) uniform. For Winter, I just switch out the tee for a sweater, add a scarf, use a coat and wear sneakers (with velcro closure). You may not even need the blazer in the Spring/Summer but it gives you a nice polished look, plus it’s good if the plane is cold. The reasoning behind this uniform is based on one part of the whole trip (after comfort) – Security. You just have to slip off your blazer/coat and loafers/ sneakers and not worry about a belt or anything else. It’s a very minimalistic approach, and that’s why I’ve adopted it. I don’t wear jewelry or anything extra that would have to be taken off. It just makes life easier. I also use a tablet instead of a computer so that I don’t have to pull it out. The loafers below are the most comfortable shoes to travel in. I wanted them in a blush pink but I guess getting these were fate as they go back with my bag :P. The bottom sneakers I wore for my Christmas holiday and they kept my feet very warm. The wedge heel wasn’t high so it was very comfortable for all the walking and running we had to do.

Top: Ivanka Trump Bottom: Aldo

Top: Ivanka Trump
Bottom: Aldo

The Bag

Before I got my Surface, I had planned to travel with my Macbook Air (don’t ask why I used those two in the same sentence). This meant that my bag had to be able to hold the Air with room for everything else, as my husband somehow, very smartly, gets me to hold everything. For long and short trips I use the same bag -Michael Kors Python Embossed Bedford Extra Large Satchel – it’s my travel bag and I use it during the trip. I clean (wipe and spray protectant) and store (stuff to keep the shape and place in dust bag) after every trip.

In the bag: I was looking for a passport holder for a few months and I came across one that I was going to get (because you can have it monogramed with your initials) but it didn’t look sturdy. I need something that can withstand bottles of water in my bag and being nudged around and my boarding passes still look like they’re fresh off the printer. My sister insisted she get me one for Christmas since it was on my list of things to get and she didn’t know what to get me. So I checked one more time and found this baby on Neiman Marcus’ website. It was a little brighter than I expected but it can safely hold our passports and has an outer pocket that makes boarding passes easily accessible and stored safely. I also must have:

  • an extra ziploc
  • hand cream and lip balm (and lip gloss and an extra lip balm for my husband)
  • wipes: singles, 10pk, and clorox wipes
Michael Kors Python Embossed Bedford Extra Large Satchel

Michael Kors Python Embossed Bedford Extra Large Satchel

Abas Aniline Travel Organizer


My husband insists that we only take a carry on whenever possible. He hates waiting for luggage. I’ve been using a little cheap red piece that is ever so flimsy for the longest time and I came across this huge bargain in Marshall’s (I LOVE that store!) after I returned another (more functional piece) that my husband thought was the ugliest thing ever. There’s nothing like a stylish piece with a huge discount to brighten your travel experience. “Look good, feel good” they say, but when you feel good about what you’re wearing and how you look overall, it enhances your mood and you can be a little less miserable on that early morning flight.

Jessica Simpson Carry on

If there’s one thing I’m learning the most is that your looks shouldn’t have to suffer in the name of comfort. Who wants to look back on the start of a trip and know they landed at a new destination looking like crap? I come from a culture of people dressing to the max when they’re getting on a plane. My mum always had us looking decent when we travelled. We never wore pajamas or looked like we rolled out of bed. We don’t wear sweats in Barbados so I never owned a pair nor thought they were clothes to wear outside of the house or gym. The idea of having a travel uniform and go-to items specifically for travel makes it very easy when you know you are travelling. Even better is knowing that these items can be reused during your trip – you don’t need to pack an extra pair of flats when you have your loafers, and your blazer can be worn if you happen to have somewhere to go that may be a little dressy. That big handbag may also be a plus when you go shopping in a craft market and need somewhere to store your small purchases/souvenirs.

Comfort, fashion and functionality is what it’s all about 🙂


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