Snow Boots

Ever bought something and was back and forth about it? That’s how I feel about my snow boots. I bought them after an “extensive” online search and thought they were the cutest snow boots I’d come across AND they were on sale at Nordstrom. I’d checked Zappos, 6pm, Macy’s and Nordstrom as mentioned and that’s all the research I needed to do. I ordered them while I was in Barbados so that they’d arrive soon after I got back in case a snow storm was imminent.

I got home Sunday and the shoes came on Wednesday and I tried them on. I was on the fence, as cute as they looked online, I didn’t think they looked as cute on my feet. Womp. I took a pic and later sent it to three girlfriends and asked hubs what he thought. Hubs was like “meh”, two gfs loved and another was thinking maybe there’s another pair out there lol. So I did a search again, showing hubs some of what I was seeing and he said “ok I think you better keep those”.

So I have the receipt in the box with the shoes, and if I happen to come across another pair before I have to wear this pair then I’ll return them. What do you think? Cute snow boots or not? They’re Sperry Top Sider. Let me know!


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