Friday Round-up

Friday is the one day that if I do any shopping, I’m always extra excited about it. I don’t know why but it gives me a high… then I come down after the realization that I am a shopaholic at heart. Let’s start with what I actually bought on Friday.

I went to Nordstrom to get Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Make-up. My friend tried it out, and when I was walking around the mall with her I picked up a sample. I’m not a wear make-up everyday kind of person so I tried it the night we went out to celebrate my husband’s birthday. Through 3 hours of dinner and about another 3.5 hours in the club I was sold on this product. What impressed me the most was that in the club, as I was wiping the sweat from my face, I didn’t see the product smeared all over the tissue! And at the end of the night, my face still looked like it did when I left home. I probably should have used the sample up but I figured I’d just buy it and I’ll have it to wear for all of the upcoming parties for the season.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Makeup in Rich Chestnut

Estée Lauder Double Wear Makeup in Rich Chestnut

While I was there I had an idea of what I wanted to get as a gift for a make-up junkie friend so I was walking around exploring my options. After I sorted her gift, I headed up to BP (Brass Plum – the Junior section of Nordstrom) just to have a look around. I bought the beige scarf with the silver running through it, and as I was at the counter I saw the other two scarves in a bowl by the register. I asked the cashier the price, and when she told me both were $8.99 each, I told her to ring me up! I told you, I have a problem. The beige and pink are infinity scarves and the other one is a regular long scarf. I’ll try to post pics of how I wear them, even though I’m a plain Jane with a hint of style :P.


Now even though I didn’t buy these shades on Friday, they were delivered on Friday so I’m throwing them in. Apart from all of the gifts I ordered Thanksgiving week (before Thanksgiving day and Black Friday), I think this may be considered my Black Friday deal as I got them 50% off. They’re Burberry shades and I was smitten by them and had to get them. My go-to pairs of shades have been Ray Bans (Wayfarer and Aviator style in brown) but as a person who loves variety, I’ve been on the hunt for another pair of not brown shades to add to my collection that I adore and aren’t just for what is in style or everyone has been wearing. I need my items to suit me. My husband isn’t in love with these because of the size but he said they look good. (Sidenote: He calls himself a “fashionasta” and he advises me sometimes on what to wear. It can be very entertaining.) With that said, I’m keeping them.



I guess if I’m doing a blog like this I need to work on my photo clarity. I used my iPhone to take these out of sheer laziness but I’ll work on getting better photos and a better camera as soon as possible.

Just For Laughs:

My husband (please excuse the bush on his face) hijacked my old sunglasses and he’s trying to put on his best Steebie J face (Stevie J from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta). But here I am in the sunglasses shown above :).


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