Mom Shoes

Thanks to pregnancy, shoes have been something that have been a bit of a problem especially in my last trimester. My feet have spread a bit and everything feels snug or too tight. Also, due to a growing belly, bending over to put on boots or even lace shoes has been quite a chore. I’ve started centering outfits around flats that fit and are easy to slip on as I just can’t be bothered to be huffing and puffing over a shoe. Luckily we’ve been having a fairly “warm” Winter with temps in the upper 40s/50s/low 60s, so wearing a pair of loafers is ok.

As I’m about to become a mom, and to a boy nonetheless, I figured that maybe looking for more comfortable flats that suit my style was necessary. I still have my Converse as backups, and I’m contemplating customizing a pair for myself, but other options can’t hurt.

Mom Shoes

Sam Edelman Becker

Who doesn’t love an animal print shoe?! I live in leggings, I’m not ashamed. Jeans are for a certain look but not my go to pants. I have amassed a collection of them simply because I now live somewhere where the seasons change and I think flats should be versatile for whatever you’re wearing, be it jeans/skirts/leggings/dresses… you get the point. I feel like these Sam Edelman slip-on sneakers do just that. Adding the animal print also gives them a little edge.

Mom Shoes

Nine West Happart

I figured sneakers aren’t always the appropriate shoe and a loafer is just as comfy and necessary right now. At first I couldn’t decide on a colour, then I decided to go with this cobalt blue to wear with my 3.1 Philip Lim Medium Pashli Satchel that I got for Christmas from hubs. Planning an outfit around these two is more fun than a plain black or nude loafer. I also have to wear my inserts with these and they are insanely comfortable.

Mom Shoes

New Balance for J Crew 620 Sneaker in Gold Salt

I’ve been wanting a pair of the retro New Balance sneakers for a while. I ordered the 520s but they were to chunky on my slim feet. When I saw the New Balance for J Crew 620 sneaker on Rach Parcell of Pink Peonies here, I decided to give them a shot. They didn’t look as clunky and I loved the neutral colours. I got the this week and they fit perfectly and have a more narrow design than the 520s. If you have that scrawny foot problem like I do, I’d suggest trying this pair. I can’t wait to wear these after, unless I have my husband around to tie the laces for me :P.

Color-Block Flat Espadrille in Dulce de Leche/Black

Color-Block Flat Espadrille in Dulce de Leche/Black

It’s February, my birth month, which means I’ve been receiving coupons! My favorite coupon is the $50 credit from Tory Burch. This is my 3rd year receiving it and I couldn’t be happier. I decided to go for a pair of shoes this year and pair of choice is the Tory Burch Color-Block Flat Espadrille. I first ordered these in a size 7 and they fit rather snug. Again, due to a lack of arches, I decided to go a half size up to accommodate the insert as well as my feet that have spread. Should they go back to their normal size, I have other inserts to help with that. They do have a bit of a gape now but it’s not anything that I’m worried about.

I’ll see how this week goes but since I’m not allowed to drive (it’s extremely uncomfortable anyway) I don’t think I’ll be out scouting gifts for the coupons I receive for my birthday. I will still try to do a list and show what I ordered with the coupons that I refuse to let go to waste. 

I still have my Cole Haan flats that I wear when I need to look a little more put together but I hardly go anywhere now so I think I’m covered until baba comes.

I have to share that as of late, with the whole new mom situation going on, I’ve been drawing inspiration from a few people that I’d like to share.

  • Chriselle Lim – Instagram ♦ Website – my inspiration behind this post. Stylist, editor and new mommy. I love that she is a mix of high end and average priced items. It can be a bit much when people are only sharing high end items and you’re not interested in spending that kind of money monthly.
  • Eva Chen – Instagram – Lucky Editor in Chief. I first started following her for her back seat poses in which she had some of the most amazing handbags (and shoes). Her baby isn’t 3 months yet but I love following her on Instagram for her quick reviews on her empties, some of which are baby products.
  • Lauren – Instagram ♦ Blog – A friend, Esthetician, beauty blogger and new mom. I value her opinion as she’s one that does her research.
  • Jennifer Stano – Instagram ♦ Website – I learned about Jennifer through Lauren and it’s because of her that I bought/researched a few items for my baby. She does a lot of extensive research on items and reviews them as well so I’ve grown to trust her opinion.

I’m just building up a whole set of beauty products to use once I give birth and a few others I’m waiting until I’ve emptied the current products. I definitely want to do a review on some as they may be potential replacements for me. I’ve got 5 weeks left to go, if I make it to the end that would be very interesting as I’m really tired of being pregnant now and I want to see my baby and not feel like a slob with this belly. Getting up and down is really becoming a feat. Once baba comes I’ll also do a post on some of my must-haves that I use with him.

Thanks for reading!


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