Break A Sweat with Kate Spade

Earlier this month I was invited to RSVP for a spot to join other shoppers (8-10 of us total) from 8.30a-10.30a for a Pilates session. The mall doesn’t open until 11am on Sundays so that was a nice treat for us as well. We wouldn’t have people staring at us through the glass trying to figure out what’s going on or interrupting potential sales. I made sure to go to mass on Saturday that I could attend Sunday morning. I was using this as a way to jumpstart myself into signing up for Yoga/Pilates as an extra form of exercise apart from my Tuesday & Thursday Personal Training.

I arrived at 8.30 this morning and it was quite surreal to be in the mall before it was opened and to just freely roam the Kate Spade store looking at all of the merchandise. It was lovely! The trainer Derik Kleinhesselink, from Cor Fitness LLC, arrived and we were waiting on one more person to start. I was under the impression that it was a yoga class more than Pilates but that was my personal misunderstanding and I had no problem with Pilates as I did it last year and was well aware of how good of a workout it could be.

We worked out for a good half an hour and then after we had light refreshments. I was given a glimpse of a few of the new pieces that will be coming out next month for their Rio collection, and as a little gift, we were given 20% off our entire in-store purchase. Make sure you look out for that collection because some very fun and pretty prints are coming your way! I’ll have to be on my best behaviour until then 😛 . I managed to snap a few pics around the store and my next purchase from them :). All photos were taken after the session and with my phone so I’m sorry for the quality, I ran out of the house and forgot my camera. Womp!

These are my next purchase for sure!

These are my next purchase for sure!

Love their displays!

Love their displays!

Break a Sweat with Kate Spade

Break a Sweat with Kate Spade

There’s my Mini Pippa in the top right!


Break a Sweat with Kate Spade

The Lana Heels

Once the photos have been uploaded I will share the group photo with you. There were five of us total, including two of the staff – Angie and Sarah who are very sweet and helpful. Derik the instructor also teaches Zumba so I put in a request for that to be the next event, so we’ll see about that. Even though it was only 3 of us as clients in attendance we asked for this to be done again and they said they’ll definitely look into make it a regular thing. I will definitely be there!

Hope you enjoyed this post and are having a good weekend! I’m off to get some ice cream :).


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