Seeing… Fuzzy

Spring and Summer are around the corner and hopefully that means more sunny days and lots of sunglasses. If you’re like me and have a thing for classics, then you’d know how hard it is to put aside a pair that’s been scratched or damaged. This post isn’t about Sunglasses to purchase but more for bringing that old pair back to life.

Ray Ban Clubmasters
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I adore my Ray Ban Clubmasters. I purchased them in April last year with my $20 birthday credit from Sunglass Hut. Unfortunately, in a rush, I dropped them into my bag, not in the case, and the left lens got scratched >_<. It’s so bad that when I wear them, that eye just looks fuzzy, so I decided to put them aside. I was still within the first year of purchase, so I decided to call Sunglass Hut to see what my options are. If it was within 30 days, I would’ve received a new pair but seeing that I’m still within a year, I can get a replacement pair at 50% off. Uhhh, I want to get a new, different pair sunglasses, why should I pay for half of the same one?! I called back again a few days or weeks later and spoke to someone different who told me that I can contact Ray Ban to see about replacement lenses. This is where I found two more cheaper options.

I’d sent an email to customer service inquiring about the replacement. From their response, it seemed like my only option was to send them the pair with $12.50 non-refundable processing fee (as a money order) as a certified and insured USPS package. Once they received them, I’d get a call saying how much the replacement lenses would cost and then we proceed from there and I’d get them back in 4-6weeks. Replacement lenses range from $12-$36. I wasn’t too happy with this option, mainly because my sunglasses were gone for 4-6weeks. I decided to try calling again and hopefully try other options that didn’t lead to a pre-recorded message. Yes! A person! With my second option – pay over the phone for a pair of replacement lenses ($24) that will arrive in 7-14 days and I can just take them to a local optician like Lenscrafters and have them installed. So I chose this option.

All of that to share this tid-bit of info. If you have Ray Bans and need help with lenses or anything else, contact Luxottica Group Consumer Warranty at 1-800-343-5594 (press 4 to speak to someone) from 9:00 – 5:30 EST Monday – Friday. I don’t think it matters where you bought the sunglasses from, once they’re Ray Ban.

If you’re lucky and do not need any lenses replaced, I’d suggest still taking them to an optician or anywhere that sells sunglasses/eyeglasses and just having them adjusted and maybe the nose pads replaced. You will feel like you have a new pair and fall in love with them again 🙂 .

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