I realised recently, that more than ever, I am turning towards a little black dress for going out at night. Even if it isn’t a dress (like during the colder months) it’s an all black outfit. During the day I want color, I crave color, but at night… it seems like the dark outfits bring out my night time personality – ready for drinks and fun! I’m not saying I’m a prude during the day but the bright outfits bring out a more bubbly side of me and the drinks can come too if it’s a bit after 2pm :P.


I took a quick pic of this outfit I wore to dinner Saturday night. I think my butt looks so big because of the full skirt and how high the waist is, I’m not complaining but don’t think I’ve got that much of a donk lol. I got this dress from Forever21 about 2 years ago and my wedges are from Nine West. I was originally going to wear flats with it but decided not to. I kept staring at my shoe boxes and tried to use my laser vision to spot a comfortable pair of shoes that would be ok if we had to park “far” from the restaurant in Seattle that would also go with the dress. I loved how they elongated my legs and the dress was the perfect length. I wore it with a black belt that has a bow in the middle (that little black knob sticking out in front).

The thing about LBDs is that you can never have too many – different styles, shapes, lengths, designs… never enough! The only thing that can be said is that you’re always in black but you never look the same. And there’s nothing like bringing out your inner sexy beast! So if wearing black helps you do that, then you should always go for it.

20130317-012800.jpgAbove are three looks- the first two are back and front images of a dress I wore for my husband’s birthday last year, the third is what I wore to dinner in January I think, and the last is New Year’s eve. Spotting the trend?

The last thing I want to do is promote wearing black, as I often try to persuade my friend to wear color more often and she may even use this post against me lol. I love white dresses, but if they aren’t in a summer dress form i.e. full skirt, I often feel intimidated and scared as I don’t want to end up with visible stains all over myself. It’s when we try to be careful that things happen. Everyone has their color that brings out the best in them. Be it red or green, there is a color that makes us feel sexy, and even better, confident.

I won’t stop – can’t stop – buying little black dresses.


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