Pimp My Speedy

I just got home from a “no boys allowed” brunch and I went to check the mail. I saw a package and I was shocked to see who it was from. It was for me, but I just ordered this item and wasn’t expecting it until next week!

A few months ago (either October or November) I was watching a random haul on youtube and she mentioned this website, called Pimp My Speedy. I immediately bookmarked the page and I had to do a little search so I can give her credit for pointing me to this website. This is their purpose according to the website:

We are your online store for solutions to sagging Speedy bags! Our various products will help provide your bag the classy structured look, additional pockets for organization and most of all, STOP SAGGING!

And they’re not just for the Speedy!

Shortly after looking at the site and being very interested, I emailed them to see if I had to get the base board and the organizer or if the organizer works well on its own in providing structure to the bag. I received a response within 24 hours and I was very happy with that. I was told that both aren’t necessary and may add extra weight if you did use both but the organizer is fine on it’s own. I placed my order Thursday morning for the organizer only and as I said, the package was in my inbox today (Saturday). I immediately took it out and inspected it. I am very pleased with the quality and price. I never expected it to look so well put together for $22! If you have a Louis Vuitton bag I am telling you to check out this website. Everything is reasonable and there is fast, inexpensive shipping (at least to me in Washington).

Top left: Speedy 35 w/o organizerTop Right: how the organizer cameBottom left: the organizer openedBottom RIght: Organizer in Speedy but nothing in them so no proper shape

Top left: Speedy 35 w/o organizer
Top Right: how the organizer came
Bottom left: the organizer opened
Bottom Right: Organizer in Speedy but nothing in them so no proper shape

I didn’t take a shot of the bag with the organizer in it to compare it to the bag without the organizer because there was nothing in the organizer to help hold the shape of the bag. It was just taken out of the package so I didn’t expect any difference in the shape. I will post a picture with it in use so you can see though. I used my speedy a few days ago and it was resting on a chair so that’s why it looks so wrinkled right now. Oops.

Hope you found this post useful!



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