Christmas gift ideas – girlfriends pt 2

In the last post, I mentioned some gift ideas that were suited for stocking stuffers, persons travelling or posting gifts (outside of the country). Since then, some other ideas have come to mind that would be good if you do not have to post or travel with your gift that would be good for the fashion conscious. All of the following images are taken from The Container Store but can most likely be found on Amazon or something similar can be found there. Either way, you’d have an idea

Jewelry Storage/Organization



These four are just examples of endless possibilities when it comes to jewelry storage. Again, you could always customize according to the person – they like (long) necklaces, you can buy different types of storage for them.

Make-up Storage

I have a few of the items shown above, so I have listed them knowing that they are definitely a hit. I was in denial when I bought the lipstick holders because I didn’t take into account the amount of lip balms and glosses I had as well. When purchasing lipstick holders, it is best to observe whether your gf collects lipsticks or lip glosses because these short lipstick holders do not hold up long lip gloss containers well. If they do, consider getting a bowl or jar for them to use as storage.

Closet Organization

This scarf hanger is perfect for the girly girl and adds a speck of color to your closet – it would be easy to spot where your scarves are if your closet is a little packed. A belt hanger isn’t as exciting so I wouldn’t really suggest that unless you’re adding it to something else and your gf is fixated with belts. Cute containers for storing nail polishes and other mani/pedi related items can also be considered while adding a nail polish or nail treatment to it as a little extra.

Another option

I’m sure there is still time but you can also check and get them a necklace with their name or initials a la Carrie from Sex and the City :).




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